Deaf around the World : The Impact of Language

Mathur, Gaurav and Napoli, Donna Jo eds., 201012 Oxford University Press, 398p.

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■Mathur, Gaurav and Napoli, Donna Jo eds., 201012, Deaf around the World : The Impact of Language, Oxford University Press, 398p. ISBN-10: ISBN-13:978-0199732531 $39.95 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ ds


Deaf around the World is a compendium of work by scholars and activists on the creation, context, and form of sign languages, and on the social issues and civil rights of Deaf communities. Renowned contributors such as James Woodward, Yerker Andersson, and Paddy Ladd offer new histories and overviews of major topics. Each chapter is followed by a response from a pre-eminent thinker in the field. The volume includes studies of sign languages and Deaf communities in Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Sweden, Thailand, and the United States.


Gaurav Mathur is Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Gallaudet University.
Donna Jo Napoli is Professor of Linguistics at Swarthmore College.


Front Matter

Part I Sign Languages: Creation, Context, Form
Chapter 1 Sign Language Geography
Chapter 1 Response Some Observations on Research Methodology in Lexicostatistical Studies of Sign Languages
Chapter 2 Two Types of Nonconcatenative Morphology in Signed Languages
Chapter 2 Response Some Observations on Form-Meaning Correspondences in Two Types of Verbs in ASL
Chapter 3 Sources of Handshape Error in First-Time Signers of ASL
Chapter 3 Response Modality and Language in the Second Language Acquisition of American Sign Language
Chapter 4 Getting to the Point
Chapter 4 Response A Point Well Taken
Chapter 5 Acquisition of Topicalization in Very Late Learners of Libras
Chapter 5 Response A Critical Period for the Acquisition of a Theory of Mind?
Chapter 6 Interrogatives in Ban Khor Sign Language
Chapter 6 Response Village Sign Languages
Chapter 7 Sign Language Humor, Human Singularities, and the Origins of Language
Chapter 7 Response Gesture First or Speech First in Language Origins?

Part II Social Issues/Civil Rights
Chapter 8 Best Practices for Collaborating with Deaf Communities in Developing Countries
Chapter 8 Response Deaf Mobilization around the World
Chapter 9 HIV/AIDS and the Deaf Community
Chapter 9 Response HIV/AIDS and Deaf Communities in South Africa
Chapter 10 The Language Politics of Japanese Sign Language (Nihon Shuwa)
Chapter 10 Response Pluralization
Chapter 11 Social Situations and the Education of Deaf Children in China
Chapter 11 Response Social Situations and the Education of Deaf Children in India
Chapter 12 Do Deaf Children Eat Deaf Carrots?
Chapter 12 First Response “We’re the Same, I’m Deaf, You’re Deaf, Huh!”
Chapter 12 Second Response Deafhood and Deaf Educators

End Matter




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