Ethics (Book Guide Series: Basic 30)

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki October 20, 2010, Jimbun Shoin, 200p.
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KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki October 20, 2010 Ethics (Book Guide Series: Basic 30),Jimbun Shoin, 200p. ISBN-10: 4409001027 ISBN-13: 9784409001028 1890 yen [amazon][kinokuniya]


◆Publishing KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki’s Ethics (Book Guide Series: Basic 30)

We just published Prof. KOIZUMI’s Ethics (It has been on sale from the end of October, 2010). This book was published as one of the first stage books of book guide series that we newly launched. This book was published together with MARUKAWA Tetsushi’s Theory of East Asia and NAKAYAMA Yasuo’s Philosophy of Science.

In this series each author selects 30 important books or basic ones per academic field in one book and explains the contents of each book chosen in about 4,000 Japanese letters. For more details, such as the table of contents of the series and future lineups, please refer to the Jimbun Shoin's website.

In launching this book series, we firstly aimed at making these new guides of intelligence exciting and thrilling in which the interpreters' (that is, authors') personalities are well reflected. Its promotional message states "New guides of intelligence for considering the 'present'! 30 important books were selected per academic field and reasons of its selection are explained from the actual viewpoint. These are brand new guides of intelligence highlighting the authors' personalities".

Publishing a "book guide" itself is an acceptable safe project. However, when we daringly undertake the project in a way of a series, we should have the solid intention in order to counter its acceptablity. You might understand our aims from the reasons why we at first choose Prof. KOIZUMI’s book.

It is up to readers to evaluate how our intentions is realized. We are happy if you have a look at this book in book stores.

MATSUOKA Takahiro, Editorial Department of Jimbun Shoin
http://www.jimbunshoin.co.jp/ (Japanese)
http://twitter.com/jimbunshoin (Japanese)

●Introduction of This Book by Jimbun Shoin Web Site

■Table of Contents

Part I Life and Death
 Seneca Collection of Letters of Ethics
 Guyau Morality without Obligation or Sanction
 Derek Perfit Reasons and Persons

Part II Virtue and Power
 Cicero About the Ends of Goods and Evils
 Michel de Montaigne Essays
 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Discourse on Inequality
 Michel Foucault Corpus of Thinking X 1984-88: Ethics / Morality / Enlightenment (ed. by S. Hasumi et al.)

Part III Pleasure and Desire
 Jeremy Bentham Offences Against One's Self: Paederasty
 Jacques Lacan Ethics of Psychoanalysis
 Gilles Deleuze / Félix Guattari Anti-Oedipus
 Luce Irigaray This Sex Which Is Not One
 Judith Butler Subjects of Desire

Part IV Spirit of Capitalism and Morals of Citizens
 Karl Marx Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts
 John Ruskin Unto This Last
 John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism
 Friedrich Nietzsche On the Genealogy of Morality
 Max Weber The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
 Max Scheler The Reversal of Values

Part V Happiness and Welfare
 Immanuel Kant Critique of Practical Reason
 William Beveridge Social Insurance and Allied Services (Beveridge Report)
 Michitaro Tanaka In-between Good and Necessity

Part VI Criticality of Modern Ethics
 Tetsuro Watsuji Ethics
 Megumi Sakabe The Hermeneutics of the Mask
 Michael Walzer Spheres of Justice
 David Gauthier Morals by Agreement
 Will Kymlicka Multicultural Citizenship

Part VII Transcendence of Ethics
 Martin Luther On the Bondage of the Will
 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Theodicy
 Søren Kierkegaard Fear and Trembling
 Slavoj Zizek The Ticklish Subject

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