Whose Feminism Is It?: Collection of Dialogues by Freeter’s Free

Freeter’s Free, a Limited Liability Partnership (Eds.) April 20, 2010, Jjimbun Shoin, 252p.
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■Freeter’s Free, a Limited Liability Partnership (Eds.) April 20, 2010 Whose Feminism Is It?: Collection of Dialogues by Freeter’s Free, Jjimbun Shoin, 252p. ISBN-10:4409240862 ISBN-13: 9784409240861 1890 yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

Whose Feminism Is It?: Collection of Dialogues by Freeter’s Free
  【Belly Band of the Book(Front)】
  Girls' Talk with Such Various Guests as UENO Chizuko, MORIOKA Masahiro etc.
  Collection of Dialogues by Freeter’s Free Part II

  【Belly Band of the Book(Spine)】
  Is This the Way Women live!?

■Table of Contents

Forward KURITA Ryuko

1 Can "a Single Woman (Ohitori-sama)" and "a Part Time Worker (Freeter)" Hold Hands with Each Other?
  UENO Chizuko, KIDO Rie, OHSAWA Nobuaki, KURITA Ryuko & SUGITA Shunsuke

 About Freeter’s Free
 Self-introduction (KURITA, OHSAWA, SUGITA, KIDO)
 Linking and Sharing
 Leave me Alone
 Bring up Followers
 Drastic Differences
 The Answer Provided by me Does not Give you Any Answer
 Changing "Labor" Itself

2 What Do "Women" Mean for Labor?
  MURAKAMI Kiyoshi, KURITA Ryuko & IKUTA Takeshi

 Issues concerning Distribution of Publications
 Discovering Issues concerning Women and Housewives
 Housewives and Part Time Workers (Freeters)
 Existence of Those who Are not Existed
 Why Are Female Homeless Few?
 Only Safety-Net Is not Enough
 Recycle of "Housewives"
 Housewives and Part Time Workers (Freeters) Have Difficulties in Forming a United Front
 Questions and Answers

3 Sex ≒ Violence ≒ Labor: Where Are Decent Jobs?
  SUZUKI Minako & KURITA Ryuko
 I Did not Know that the Legal Labor Hour Was 8 Hours
 Intelligence, Rationality and Self-esteem
 I Do not Know why the Marriage System Exists
 Are Men Savage Beasts?
 Should Men Be Eliminated?
 Considering a Social Position of the Sex Work
 You Have to Pay Later for Your Behaviors
 Let’s Create Decent Jobs

4 Herbivore Men and Sex Violence
  MORIOKA Masahiro & SUGITA Syunsuke

 Herbivore Men and Unattractiveness
 Gentleness and Violence of Herbivore Men
 History of Men's Liberation
 Questions of TANAKA Mitsu
 Fundamental Issues of Life Studies
 Theory of Life in Animals
 Religion of Life
 Violence of Being a Man
 Denial of Embodiment
 Questions from Children

5 Between Feminism and Catholicism
  KURITA Ryuko, IKUTA Takeshi, OHSAWA Nobuaki & SUGITA Syunsuke

 Concentrating on "Writing"
 Encounter with Feminism
 Encounter with a Sister
 Days of Truancy
 False Conflict and Proxy War
 Damage and Attack
 Changing Something / Changing Myself
 Changing the Concept
 About Redistribution
 Making Terms Distributed
 A Mother and a Daughter
 Exceeding the Capitalist System
 Living as a "Sentence Seller"

Afterword IKUTA Takeshi

■Review / Introduction
◆SENDA Yuki (Professor of Musashi University, Sociology Major)
 Whose Feminism Is It?: Collection of Dialogues by Freeter’s Free, which is edited by Freeter’s Free and published by Jimbun Shoin, collects dialogues of each member in the Freeter’s Free, UENO Chizuko, MORIOKA Masahiro, SUZUKI Minako and so on. Not only are issues of poverty or labor not negligible for feminism but the viewpoint of feminism provides a new scene for issues of poverty or labor, because, for example, married women are eliminated from the definition of freeters / part time workers.
Shukan Dokushojin 2848(2010-07-23):6  Special Number for Questionnaires: From Harvest of First Half of the Year/ Questionnaires to 45 People

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◆Freeter's Free
http://www.freetersfree.org/ (Japanese)
◆Introduction in Jimbun Shoin's Website
http://www.jimbunshoin.co.jp/mybooks/ISBN978-4-409-24086-1.htm (Japanese)

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