Sociology of 'Aging and Frailty'
(Enlarged and Revised Edition)

AMADA Josuke March 10, 2010 Taga Shuppan,vi+683p.


『Sociology of 'Aging and Frailty'』

AMADA Josuke March 10, 2010 Sociology of 'Aging and Frailty' (Enlarged and Revised Edition),Taga Shuppan,vi+683p. ISBN-10: 4811575717 ISBN-13: 978-4811575711 4,200yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

 *This book won the 3rd Incentive Award (author section) of Japan Sociological Society.


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 This research focuses on "aging and frailty" as an event that transforms relationships among related individuals rather than understanding it as personal phenomena belonged to or completed in individual bodies. Social interaction and its interaction process during aging is also analyzed and described. The novel perception of "aging and frailty" is penetrated throughout the book.

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 How does the relationship between those who experience aging and frailty, and their caregivers transform? How has the reality of aging and frailty been created performatively? These questions are examined from a sociological viewpoint.

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 This book focuses on the viewpoints of the elderly with dementia or chronic diseases, and their caregivers. Based on their viewpoints, the life world of "aging and frailty" is revealed, which demonstrates how the relationships among the individuals transform in the process of aging and frailty. In addition, experimental studies were conducted for this book, which were based on intensive field work in three actual settings including nursing home care, home care by families and care by elderly couples. The distinctive achievements of this book are the precise and bold experimental studies as well as the development of a novel theory based on the findings from the field work.
 This book is pioneering research and perceives "aging and frailty" as a "political event" for the first time. It is essential reading for not only researchers in the field of sociology, social welfare, and nursing science but also for those who are working in the field of elderly welfare or those who are aging or provide care for their own parents.

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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