Body of Africa
(Body, History and Anthropology I)

WATANABE Kozo July 14, 2009 Gensosha,411p.


Body of Africa

WATANABE Kozo July 14, 2009 Body of Africa (Body, History and Anthropology I),Gensosha,411p. ISBN-10: 486209029X ISBN-13: 978-4862090294 3,360 yen [amazon][kinokuniya]


'Entrustments' of authority and spiritual power to kings, chiefs and cultural systems never compromised diversities of 'individuals' that were opposing to them in parallel. From the viewpoint of anthropology, this book attempts to focus on how modern uniformalised systems of societies and cultures have attenuated the multilevel cultural systems and biased individual powers of the cultures.

■Table of Contents
0.Birth of Maternity
1.Transmigrations in Kuba ―― Reincarnations or Others in Myself
2.Speaking, Eating & Silencing ―― Figures of Body in Kuba Culture
3.Holes and Anthills ―― Images of the Earth = Uterus in Africa
4.Origins of Textiles―― Spaces and Rhythms of the Rafia Velvet (The Kuba Kingdom, Zaire)
5.Textile Designs and Social Spaces ―― A Note from the Kuba Kingdom
6.Hidden Bodies of the Kings ―― Royal Powers and Clothes in Kuba
7.Fertile Kings and Impotent Kings ―― Formation and Denial of Royal Powers in Kuba and Lele
8.Royal Powers of Kuba and Shoowa Chieftainships ―― Essay of Comparison in a Kingdom (The Kuba Kingdom in Zaire)
9.Bodies Afficting Diseases ―― From the Traditional Viewpoints of Diseases in Africa
10.Logics of 'Narrative' in Witch Accusation Trials ―― African Cases
11.Forests and Containers ―― How do Healers Become Healers? (Cases in the Kuba Kingdom)

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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