Descartes' Philosophy

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki July 2009, Jinbun Shoin,231p.
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『Descartes' Philosophy』

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki July 2009 Descartes' Philosophy,Jinbun Shoin,231p. ISBN-10: 4409040987 ISBN-13: 978-4409040980 4,410yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

■Contents Introduction

Toward the destructive power of skepticism, the creative power of God and the powers of spirits, machines, lives and brains

Descartes conducted research on the philosophy of "myself" and "God." This book integrates the quarter-century studies that focus on his entire philosophy and facilitate its maximum potentials. "I feel that I dimly see the entire philosophy of Descartes and scenarios of its interpretations. I hope that readers of this book will more clearly find its potential scenarios including the creditworthiness." (Excerpt from the book)

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■Table of Contents
Descartes' Red Ontology―― Forward
Skepticism and Others ―― First Meditation as Soul Training
Ideas and Existence in the Descartes' Philosophy ―― In Line with Arguments for the Existence of Material Things
Ideas of what Has Powers ―― On the First Half Argument of Descartes' First Proof in Third Meditation
  Attached Article 1 Perfectness and Infinity ―― A Note on Suarez
  Attached Article 2 Arguments for the Existence of God and Universe
Descartes' Skepticism to Mathematics
Descartes' Skepticism to Mathematics (U)
Logics and Ethics of the Theory of the Creation of Eternal Truths
The Thinking Soul ―― Machine / Works / Mathesis
Descartes' Mathesis ―― Mind / Machine / Creatures
Descartes as Founder of Brain Theory

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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