Reconsideration of Acceptance of Disabilities:
From "Acceptance of Disabilities" to "Freedom with Disabilities"

TAJIMA Akiko June 25, 2009 Miwa Shoten,212p.


Reconsideration of Acceptance of Disabilities: From

TAJIMA Akiko June 25, 2009 Reconsideration of Acceptance of Disabilities: From "Acceptance of Disabilities" to "Freedom with Disabilities",Miwa Shoten,212p. ISBN-10: 4895903389 ISBN-13: 978-4895903387 1890 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※

■Contents Introduction  Contents Introduction by the Author → http://d.hatena.ne.jp/fugu1/20090628 (Japanese)

When encountering patients adherence to rehabilitations or absence of motives, have you ever felt that "these difficulties have been cased from the lack of acceptance of disabilities"? How are disabilities accepted? Once accepted, are they maintained for their entire life? Is the acceptance of disabilities necessary in the first place? By pursuing the meanings of the "acceptance of disabilities" that are used without deliberations in our daily lives, this book reveals the figures of what we are truly trying to support.

In this book, the full-fledged rehabilitation theory is described by the energetic occupational therapist from the viewpoint of disability studies in order to restructure the significance of rehabilitations. (Excerpt from Introduction by the Publisher)

Confronting disabilities and paving the way for rehabilitations in the future!!
What are rehabilitations supporting for the individuals in nature? By addressing the meanings of disabilities directly, a new horizon of rehabilitations is revealed. (from wraparound band of the book)

■Table of Contents

 Chapter 1 Why is "acceptance of disabilities" reconsidered? …1
 Chapter 2 History of studies on "acceptance of disabilities" in Japan …13
 Chapter 3 Is "acceptance of disabilities" sustainable, once it is made? …37
 Chapter 4 Considering NAGUMO Naoji’s “social acceptance” …61
 Chapter 5 How is the "acceptance of disabilities" used in a clinical setting? …95
 Chapter 6 Therapists who avoid the use of "acceptance of disabilities" …113
 Chapter 7 How should the "acceptance of disabilities" taught in an educational setting? …131
 Chapter 8 From "acceptance of disabilities" to "freedom with disabilities: Where do energies for
 revitalizations exist? …147
 Supplement …187
 Afterword …205

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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