Abstracts and the Writing of Abstracts

Swales, John M. & Feak, Christine B. 200903 The University of Michigan Press, 88p.

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■Swales, John M. & Feak, Christine B. 200903 Abstracts and the Writing of Abstracts, The University of Michigan Press, 88p. ISBN-10: 0472033352 ISBN-13: 978-0472033355  [amazon][kinokuniya]

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This is a handy booklet for researchers/scholars writing abstracts. Today's research world demands a variety of different abstracts to serve different purposes. As a result, writing abstracts can be a difficult task for graduate and international students, researchers, and even practiced authors. "Abstracts and the Writing of Abstracts" is designed to demystify the construction of this essential writing form and to equip scholars to summarize their work in clear and compelling ways. This volume represents a revision and expansion of the material on writing abstracts that appeared in English in "Today's Research World". "The Abstracts" volume focuses on abstracts for research articles before addressing abstracts for short communications, conferences, and Ph.D. dissertations. It also covers keywords, titles, and author names. Wherever appropriate within the text, Language Focus sections discuss options and provide tips for meeting specific linguistic challenges posed by the writing of different types of abstracts.

General Introduction to the Volumes  ix
Introduction to the Abstract Volume  xiii
  A Crucial First Step  xiv
Research Article (RA) Abstracts  1
  General Analysis of RA Abstracts  3
  Specific Analyses  9
    Getting Started (Moves 1 and 2)  9
    Language Focus: Links between S1 and S2  11
    Compressing Methods Descriptions (Move 3)  14
    Moving On: Results (Move 4)  16
    Language Focus: Main Results and That Clauses in
     Traditional Abstracts  18
    Concluding a Traditional Abstract (Move 5)  21
    A Final Issue: A Need to Problematize in the Abstract?  23
  Structured Research Article Abstracts  26
    Statements of Objective  28
    Language Focus: Opening the Conclusion Section  32
Abstracts for Short Communications  35
Conference Abstracts  43
  A Closer Look at the Organization of Conference Abstracts  45
  The Rating of Conference Abstracts  51
  The Role of a Senior Author: An Example  52
  The Problem of Promissory Abstracts  55
  Conference Abstract Titles  57
  Structured Conference Abstracts  60
  Conference Program Abstracts or Summaries  63
PhD Dissertation Abstracts  67
Choosing Keywords  79
Appendix: Notes on Cross-Linguistic Issues  81
Sources  85
References  87

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