The Cambridge Companion to Levi-Strauss

Wiseman,Boris(ed.) 2009 Cambridge University Press,337p.


■Wiseman,Boris(ed.) 2009 The Cambridge Companion to Levi-Strauss,Cambridge University Press,337p.
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     Boris Wiseman

Part 1 Society and Culture
1 Levi-Strauss and the question of humanism
     Denis Kambouchener Followed by a Letter From Claude Levi-Strauss
2 Levi-Strauss and Hisoty
     Michael E.Harkin
3 Structure and Exchange
     Abraham Rosman and Paula G.Rubel
4 The Future of the structural theory of kinship
     Marcela Coelcho de Souza

Part 2 Myth and mind
5 The two nature of Levi-Strauss
     Phillipe Descola(初出L'herne 2004)
6 On anthoropological knowledge
     Claude Imbert
7 The limits of Classification: Claude Levi-Strauss and Mary Douglas
     Frederic Keck
8 The local and the universal
     Eric Schwimmer
9 Levi-Strauss and question of symbolism
     Marcel Henaff
10 Claude Levi-Strauss' theoretical and actual approaches to myth
     Wendy Doniger
Part 3 Language and alterity
11 Of the Story of Lynx: Levi-Strauss and alterity
     Peter Gow
12 Before Babel Levi-Strauss and language
     Christopher Johnson
Part 4 Leterature and aesthetics
13 Structuralism, Poetry Music: Levi-Struass between Mallarme and Wagner
     Jeffrey Mehlman
14 Morphology and asructural aethetics: from Goethe to Levi-Strauss
     Jean Petitot
15 Structure and sensation
     Boris Wiseman

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