Well-Being and Justice

SEN Amartya & GOTOH Reiko December 19, 2008 University of Tokyo Press,ix+299p+viii.
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『Well-Being and Justice』

SEN Amartya & GOTOH Reiko December 19, 2008 Well-Being and Justice,University of Tokyo Press,ix+299p+viii. ISBN-10: 4130101102 ISBN-13: 978-4130101103 2,940yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

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This book is a fruit of economics. Welfare strives for realization of individuals’ well-being while justice questions the way of its realization. ‘Well-Being and Justice’ will require further development of economic thought and its precise and bold turning points.

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Translation by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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