On Literature in Migration Vol.2

NISHI Masahiko@February 20, 2008, Sakuhin-sha, 346p.


wExtraterritorial: Theories of Moving Literature Vol.2x

¡NISHI Masahiko@February 20, 2008@Extraterritorial: On Literature in Migration Vol.2CSakuhin-sha, 346p. ISBN-10: 4861821746 ISBN-13: 978-4861821745 3360 yen@[amazon]^[kinokuniya]


This book ambitiously attempts to present a novel description of literary histories, using a keyword of gextraterritorialh in order to read the world of multilingual Eastern Europe literatures.

¡Table of Contents

1@Polish Literature, its Extensions
@ Introduction to Polish Literature in 1930s: Two Themes of 'Spring Season' and 'Niggers'
@ Gombrowicz and His Contemporaries
@ Multilingual Eastern Europe and eGermanf Literature
@ Grass, G., Crabwalk: The Case of Wilhelm Gustloff (Review)
@ Moacyr Scliar and Brazilian Multiculturalism
@ Poetic Language Applications of Khurbn
@ Destination of Voice, or Devastation of the Second Person

2@Outside of Polish Literature
@ Conrad and English / Conrad and Polish
@ Flying Polish Literature: From eLighthouse Keeperf to Nostromo
@ Conrad, J., The Shadow Line (Review)
@ Poland for Exiled Writers
@ About Painted Bird that Wanders Naked Eyes in the Front
@ Gombrowicz and Paul Bowles
@ Strategies in Narratives of Jewish Literature: Yiddish as a Method

3@Around Kafka
@ Kafka Listening to Yiddish
@ A Language that Is Alike to Fly Booming: Avant-Garde Investigation of Yiddish Literature
@ Who Is a Fasting Artist?
@ Castle as a Refugee Novel: According to Arendt's Interpretation
@ About the Bluffing of a Landsurveyor

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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