On Literature in Migration Vol.2

NISHI Masahiko February 20, 2008, Sakuhin-sha, 346p.


『Extraterritorial: Theories of Moving Literature Vol.2』

NISHI Masahiko February 20, 2008 Extraterritorial: On Literature in Migration Vol.2,Sakuhin-sha, 346p. ISBN-10: 4861821746 ISBN-13: 978-4861821745 3360 yen [amazon][kinokuniya]


This book ambitiously attempts to present a novel description of literary histories, using a keyword of “extraterritorial” in order to read the world of multilingual Eastern Europe literatures.

■Table of Contents

1 Polish Literature, its Extensions
  Introduction to Polish Literature in 1930s: Two Themes of 'Spring Season' and 'Niggers'
  Gombrowicz and His Contemporaries
  Multilingual Eastern Europe and ‘German’ Literature
  Grass, G., Crabwalk: The Case of Wilhelm Gustloff (Review)
  Moacyr Scliar and Brazilian Multiculturalism
  Poetic Language Applications of Khurbn
  Destination of Voice, or Devastation of the Second Person

2 Outside of Polish Literature
  Conrad and English / Conrad and Polish
  Flying Polish Literature: From ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ to Nostromo
  Conrad, J., The Shadow Line (Review)
  Poland for Exiled Writers
  About Painted Bird that Wanders Naked Eyes in the Front
  Gombrowicz and Paul Bowles
  Strategies in Narratives of Jewish Literature: Yiddish as a Method

3 Around Kafka
  Kafka Listening to Yiddish
  A Language that Is Alike to Fly Booming: Avant-Garde Investigation of Yiddish Literature
  Who Is a Fasting Artist?
  Castle as a Refugee Novel: According to Arendt's Interpretation
  About the Bluffing of a Landsurveyor

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Translated by TAMURA Noriko
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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