Justice: A Reader

Sandel, Michael J. 200707 Oxford University Press,412p.

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Sandel, Michael J. 200707 Justice: A Reader,Oxford University Press,412p. ISBN-10:0195335120 ISBN-13:978-0195335125 $35 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ mj03 fm04 dr01 rj04 ki03 lj01 hf02 fm04 wm05 u03 j08 pp e08 l03


Justice brings together in one indispensable volume essential readings on justice and moral reasoning. With readings from major thinkers from the classical era up to the present, the collection provides a thematic overview of the concept of justice. Moreover, Sandel's organization of the readings and his own commentaries allow readers to engage with a variety of pressing contemporary issues. Looking at a host of ethical dilemmas, including affirmative action, conscription, income distribution, and gay rights, from a variety of angles--morally, legally, politically--the collection engages with the core concerns of political philosophy: individual rights and the claims of community, equality and inequality, morality and law, and ultimately, justice. With concise section introductions that put the readings in context, this anthology is an invaluable tool for students, teachers, and anyone who wishes to engage in the great moral debates that have animated politics from classical times to our own.

Michael J. Sandel is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government at Harvard University, where he has taught political philosophy since 1980. He is the author of numerous books, including Liberalism and the Limits of Justice, Democracy's Discontent, Public Philosophy and most recently, The Case against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Doing the Right Thing
 The Queen v. Dudley and Stephens (1884)(The lifeboat case)

Chapter 2 Utilitarianism
 Principles of Morals and Legistlation

Chapter 3 Libertarianism
 Free to Choose
 Anarchy, State, and Utopia
 The Constitution of Liberty

Chapter 4 Locke: Property Rights
 Second Treatise of Government

Chapter 5 Markets and Morals: Surrogate Motherhood, Military Service
 Tragic Choices
 Battle Cry of Freedom
 "All Go Down Together"
 In the Matter of Baby 'M' (1987)
 In the Matter of Baby 'M' (1988, N.J.Supreme Court)
 "Is Women's Labor a Commodity?"

Chapter 6 Kant: Freedom as Autonomy
 Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
 "On the Supposed Right to Lie"

Chapter 7 Rawls: Justice as Fairness
 A Theory of Justice, John Rawls

Chapter 8 Distributive Justice: Equality, Entitlement, and Merit
 A Theory of Justice
 Anarchy, State, and Utopia

Chapter 9 Affirmative Action: Reverse Discrimination?
 "Racial Discrimination or Righting Past Wrongs?"
 Hopwood v. State of Texas (1996)
 Grutter v. Bollinger (2003)
 "Bakke's Case: Are Quotas Unfair?"
 "Double Reverse Discrimination"
 "Proxy War: Liberals Denounce Racial Profiling. Conservatives Denounce Affirmative Action. What's the Difference?"

Chapter 10 Aristotle: Justice and Virtue
 The Politics
 Nichomachean Ethics

Chapter 11 Ability, Disability, and Discrimination: Cheerleaders and golf carts
 "A Safety Blitz; Texas Cheerleader Loses Status"
 "Honor and Resentment"
 "Sorry, Free Rides Not Right"
 "Keep the PGA on Foot", Tom Kite
 PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin (2000)

Chapter 12 Justice, Community, and Membership
 After Virtue
 Democracy's Discontent
 Spheres of Justice

Chapter 13 Moral Argument and Liberal Toleration
 Moral Liberalism
 "Political Liberalism"

Chapter 14 Morality and Law: Same-Sex Marriage, For and Against
 Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health (2003)
 "Abolish Marriage"
 "Law, Morality, and 'Sexual Orientation'"
 "Homosexuality and the Conservative Mind"
 "Universalism, Liberal Theory, and the Problem of Gay Marriage"




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