Collier,Paul 20070427 The Bottom Billion:Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About it,Oxford University Press,224p. =20080630 中谷 和男 訳,日経BP社,319p.

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■Collier,Paul 20070427 The Bottom Billion:Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and What Can Be Done About it,Oxford University Press,224p. =20080630 中谷 和男 訳 『最底辺の10億人――最も貧しい国々のために本当になすべきことは何か?』,日経BP社,319p ISBN-10:4822246744 ISBN-13:978-4822246747 \2310 [amazon] [kinokuniya] ※


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Global poverty, Paul Collier points out, is actually falling quite rapidly for about eighty percent of the world. The real crisis lies in a group of about 50 failing states, the bottom billion, whose problems defy traditional approaches to alleviating poverty.
In The Bottom Billion, Collier contends that these fifty failed states pose the central challenge of the developing world in the twenty-first century. The book shines a much needed light on this group of small nations, largely unnoticed by the industrialized West, that are dropping further and further behind the majority of the world's people, often falling into an absolute decline in living standards. A struggle rages within each of these nation between reformers and corrupt leaders--and the corrupt are winning. Collier analyzes the causes of failure, pointing to a set of traps that snare these countries, including civil war, a dependence on the extraction and export of natural resources, and bad governance. Standard solutions do not work against these traps, he writes; aid is often ineffective, and globalization can actually make matters worse, driving development to more stable nations. What the bottom billion need, Collier argues, is a bold new plan supported by the Group of Eight industrialized nations. If failed states are ever to be helped, the G8 will have to adopt preferential trade policies, new laws against corruption, and new international charters, and even conduct carefully calibrated military interventions.
As former director of research for the World Bank and current Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University, Paul Collier has spent a lifetime working to end global poverty. In The Bottom Billion, he offers real hope for solving one of the great humanitarian crises facing the world today.




第一部 なにが本当の問題なのか?

第一章 脱落し崩壊する最底辺の一〇億人の国

第二部 これらの国を捕らえる数々の罠

第二章 紛争の罠
第三章 天然資源の罠
第四章 内陸国の罠
第五章 小国における悪いガバナンスの罠

第三部 グローバル化がもたらしたもの

第六章 世界経済の中で好機を逸する最貧国

第四部 われわれのとるべき手段

第七章 救済のための援助となっているのか?
第八章 軍事介入
第九章 法と憲章
第一〇章 周縁化を逆換させる貿易政策

第五部 最底辺の一〇億人の国にとっての戦い

第一一章 われわれの行動の指針





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