Dark Medicine: Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research

Lafleur, William R. ; Bohme, Gernot ; Shimazono, Susumu(島薗 進) eds. 2007 Indiana Univ. Press, 280p.

■Lafleur, William R. ; Bohme, Gernot ; Shimazono, Susumu(島薗 進) eds. 2007 Dark Medicine: Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research, Indiana Univ. Press, 280p., Bioethics and the Humanities ISBN-10: 0253348722 ISBN-13: 978-0253348722

■Table of Contents

Introduction: The Knowledge Tree and Its Double Fruit William R. LaFleurPart
1. The Gruesome Past and Lessons Not Yet Learned
1. Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research: Taking Seriously the Case of Viktor von Weizsacker Gernot Bohme;
2. Medical Research, Morality, and History: The German Journal Ethik and the Limits of Human Experimentation Andreas Frewer;
3. Experimentation on Humans and Informed Consent: How We Arrived Where We Are Rolf Winau;
4. The Silence of the Scholars Benno Muller-Hill;
5. The Ethics of Evil: The Challenge and the Lessons of Nazi Medical Experiments Arthur L. Caplan;
6. Unit 731 and the Human Skulls Discovered in 1989: Physicians Carrying Out Organized Crimes Kei-ichi Tsuneishi;
7. Biohazard: Unit 731 in Postwar Japanese Politics of National "Forgetfulness" Frederick R. Dickinson;
8. Biological Weapons: The United States and the Korean War G. Cameron Hurst III;
9. Experimental Injury: Wound Ballistics and Aviation Medicine in Mid-century America Susan Lindee;
10. Stumbling Toward Bioethics: Human Experiments Policy and the Early Cold War Jonathan D. MorenoPart

2. The Conflicted Present and the Worrisome Future
11. Toward an Ethics of Iatrogenesis Renee C. Fox;
12. Strategies for Survival versus Accepting Impermanence: Rationalizing Brain Death and Organ Transplantation Today Tetsuo Yamaori(山折 哲雄);
13. The Age of a "Revolutionized Human Body" and the Right to Die Yoshihiko Komatsu(小松 美彦);
14. Why We Must Be Prudent in Research Using Human Embryos: Differing Views of Human Dignity Susumu Shimazono(島薗 進);
15. Eugenics, Reproductive Technologies, and the Feminist Dilemma in Japan Miho Ogino(荻野 美穂);
16. Refusing Utopia's Bait: Research, Rationalizations, and Hans Jonas William R. LaFleur

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