Double-effect Reasoning: Doing Good And Avoiding Evil

Cavanaugh,T.A. 20061109 Oxford Univ Pr,256p.

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■Cavanaugh,T.A. 20061109 Double-effect Reasoning: Doing Good And Avoiding Evil,Oxford Univ Pr,256p. ISBN-10:0199272190 ISBN-13:978-0199272198 $110 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ c04


T. A. Cavanaugh defends double-effect reasoning (DER), also known as the principle of double effect. DER plays a role in anti-consequentialist ethics (such as deontology), in hard cases in which one cannot realize a good without also causing a foreseen, but not intended, bad effect (for example, killing non-combatants when bombing a military target). This study is the first book-length account of the history and issues surrounding this controversial approach to hard cases. It will be indispensable in theoretical ethics, applied ethics (especially medical and military), and moral theology. It will also interest legal and public policy scholars.

T. A. Cavanaugh is Professor and Chair of Philosophy, University of San Francisco.



1. The history of double-effect reasoning
 1.1 Aquinas's originating account
 1.2 Developments of Thomas' account
 1.3 Simplifying the received criteria

2. The contemporary conversation
 2.1 Proportionalism
 2.2 Anti-consequentialist deontological alternatives to DER
 2.3 Contemporary versions of DER

3. The i/f distinction: distinguishing intent from foresight
 3.1 Coming to terms
 3.2 The problem of closeness
 3.3 Responses to the problem of closeness
 3.4 An account of intention
 3.5 Application to contrasted cases

4. The i/f distinction's ethical import
 4.1 Common misunderstandings of the i/f distinction's relevance
 4.2 The first-order/second-order relevance
 4.3 The distinction's ethical relevance

5. DER and remaining considerations
 5.1 DER and reparations
 5.2 DER and allowing
 5.3 DER and the wrongful acts of other agents
 5.4 Double effect, non-combatant casualities, and the laws of war
 5.5 Double effect and public policy concerning euthanasia
 5.6 Double effect as applied to wrongful acts and the law
 5.7 DER in law
 5.8 DER and Roman Catholic moral theology





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