Independent Futures: Creating User-led Disability Services in a diabling society

Barnes,Colin.Mercer,Geof 200604 Policy Press,232p.

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■Barnes,Colin.Mercer,Geof 200604 Independent Futures: Creating User-led Disability Services in a diabling society,Policy Press,232p. ISBN-10: 1861347189 ISBN-13: 978-1861347183 \3,277 [amazon] [kinokuniya]


The number of disability related support services controlled and run by disabled people themselves has increased significantly in the UK and internationally over the past forty years. As a result, greater user involvement in service provision and delivery is a key priority for many western Governments. This book provides the first comprehensive review and analysis of these developments in the UK. Drawing on evidence from a range of sources, including material from the first national study of user-controlled services, this book: provides a critical evaluation of the development and organisation of user-controlled services in the UK; identifies the principal forces - economic, political and cultural - that influence and inhibit their further development; summarises and discusses the policy implications for the future development of services; and includes an up-to-date and comprehensive literature and research review. Independent Futures is an essential reading for academics and students on a range of courses, including: health and social care; social work; allied health professions, such as nursing, occupational therapy and speech therapy; social policy; sociology; and psychology. reliable overview of current policy and critical analysis of key issues affecting future policy and practice.


Examining user-led services Traditional approaches: disability policy and the welfare state
Disability activism and the struggle for independent living
Researching user-led organisations
User-led organisations: building an alternative approach
Service design and delivery: opportunities and constraints
Service users' views and experiences
Politics and campaigning
Policy change or retrenchment?
Future directions.




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