Act on life not on anger

Eifert, Georg H; Mckay, Matthew; Forsyth, John P. 2006 New harbinger Publications,179p.

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■Eifert, Georg H; Mckay, Matthew; Forsyth, John P. 2006 Act on life not on anger,ew harbinger Publications,179p. ISBN-10:1572244402 ISBN-13:978-1572244405  14.95$ [amazon][kinokuniya]



If you'd tried to control problem anger before with little success, this book offers you a new approach to try. Instead of asking you to struggle even harder with anger, this book helps you to drop the rope in your tug-of-war with anger using a new set of principles and techniques: acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). You'll start by learning how to accept your angry feelings as they occur, without struggling to alter or impede them in any way. Then, using techniques based in mindfulness practice, you'll find out how to watch your anger without identifying with it. Value-identification exercises help you decide what matters most to you and then commit to short- and long-term goals that turn these values into reality. In the process, anger simply loses power over your life-in the process, you'll gain the most profound control, accomplished by simply letting go.


Foreword vii
Preface and Acknowledgments xi
Introduction A New Way of Approaching Anger 1 (12)
Debunking the Myths of Anger 13 (12)
Struggling with Anger Is Not a Solution 25 (12)
The Heart of the Struggle 37 (16)
Controlling Anger and Hurt Is the Problem 53 (20)
How Your Mind Creates Anger 73 (14)
Getting Out of the Anger Trap with 87 (18)
Practicing Mindful Acceptance 105(14)
Taking Control of Your Life 119(16)
Facing the Flame of Anger and the Pain 135(20)
Fueling It
Commit to Take Positive Action in Your Life 155(20)
Further Readings, References, and Other 175




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