In or Out of The Mainstream?: Lessons from Research on Disability and Development Cooperation

Albert, Bill ed. 2006 The Disability Press.

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■Albert, Bill ed. 2006 In or Out of The Mainstream?: Lessons from Research on Disability and Development Cooperation, The Disability Press. ISBN-10: 0954902629 ※ ds


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The DFID-funded Disability Knowledge and Research Programme was the most ambitious project ever mounted on the subject of disability and. development. It comprised a wide range of activities, but at its heart was a series of 23 research projects and reports, the vast majority carried out by disabled people. Some of these were done with non-disabled allies, others were by individual disabled researchers and still others came out of a collaborative effort between disabled colleagues in the South and the North. All embrace the social model of disability and most are concerned with understanding the impact of external interventions on lives of poor disabled people in the South. This collection is made up of 13 chapters reworked by the authors from their reports. While there is a strong focus on the mainstreaming of disability, a wide range. of topics are considered, including; education, the impact of domestic disability legislation, the Ugandan PRSP process, the role of foreign NGOs in Mozambique, disability statistics, poverty and disability, the social model and development and participatory rural appraisal in Cambodia. The book will be of interest to disabled people and then organisations as well as anyone concerned with understanding why development, like disability, is such a fundamental question of human rights.
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