Dworkin and His Critics: With Replies by Dworkin(Philosophers and their Critics)

Burley, Justine 20041011 Wiley-Blackwell,440p.

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■Burley, Justine 20041011 Dworkin and His Critics: With Replies by Dworkin (Philosophers and their Critics),Wiley-Blackwell,440p. ISBN-10:0631197664 ISBN-13:978-0631197669 $48.95 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ dr01 e03 l03 j08


Dworkin and His Critics provides an in-depth, analytical discussion of Ronald Dworkin's ethical, legal and political philosophical writings, and it includes substantial replies from Dworkin himself.

Includes substantial replies by Ronald Dworkin, a comprehensive bibliography of his work, and suggestions for further reading.

Contributors include Richard Arneson, G. A. Cohen, Frances Kamm, Will Kymlicka, Philippe van Parijs, Eric Rakowski, Joseph Raz and Jeremy Waldron.

Makes an important contribution to many on-going debates over abortion, euthanasia, the rule of law, distributive justice, group rights, political obligation, and genetics.

Justine Burley is Adjunct Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore. She was formerly a Lecturer at the University of Oxford (1993?2002), and has also served as Fellow of the Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics (1995?98) and as Simon Fellow at the University of Manchester (1998?2002). She is editor of The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights (1999) and co-editor, with John Harris, of A Companion to Genethics (Blackwell 2002).


Notes on Contributors

PartT Equality, Liberty and the Good Life
 1. Expensive Taste Rides Again
 2. Talent, Slavery and Envy
 3. Equality of Resources Versus Undominated Diversity
 4. Liberty, Equality, Envy, and Abstraction
 5. Cracked Foundations of Liberal Equality
 6. A Puzzle about Ethics, Justice and the Sacred

PartU Justice Applied
 7. Dworkin on Freedom and Culture
 8. Justice In Health Care: Can Dworkin Justify Universal Access?
 9. Equality of Resources and Procreative Justice
 10. Morality and the ‘New Genetics’

PartV Abortion, Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
 11. Autonomy, Beneficence and the Permanently Demented
 12. Ronald Dworkin’s Views on Abortion and Assisted Suicide
 13. Reverence for Life and the Limits of State Power

PartW The Reach of Law
 14. Associative Obligations and the State
 15. Speaking with One Voice: On Dworkinian Integrity and Coherence
 16. Integrity: Justice in Workclothes
 17. The Rule of Law as a Theater of Debate

PartX Replies to Critics
 18. Ronald Dworkin Replies

Bibliography of Ronald Dworkin's Works





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