Inclusive Education: Readings and Reflections

Thomas, Gary; Vaughan, Mark 2004 Open University Press, 240p.

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■Thomas, Gary; Vaughan, Mark 2004 Inclusive Education: Readings and Reflections, Open University Press, 240p. ISBN-10: 0335207243 ISBN-13: 978-0335207244 £24.99 [amazon] ※ ds


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The movement towards inclusive education is gathering momentum through out the world. But how is it realized in practice? The volumes within this series will examine the arguments for inclusive schools and the evidence for the success of inclusion. The intention behind the series is to fuse a discussion about the ideals behind inclusion with pictures of inclusion in practice. The aim is to straddle the theory/practice divide, keeping in mind the strong social and political principles behind the move to inclusion while observing and noting the practical challenges to be met.
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