Sport and Social Exclusion

Collins, Michael Frank; Kay, Tess 2003 Routledge, 320p.

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■Collins, Michael Frank; Kay, Tess 2003 Sport and Social Exclusion, Routledge, 320p. ISBN-10: 0415259592 ISBN-13: 978-0415259590 £35.00 [amazon]


■Product Description

Tackling social exclusion is a key aim of the social policy of any government. Sport and Social Exclusion assembles a vast array of evidence from a range of global sources to demonstrate how the effects of social exclusion are as evident in sport as they are in any area of society.

The book uses sport as an important case study for reflecting critically on existing social policy, and addresses sport's role as a source of new initiatives for tackling exclusion. It covers key topics such as:

Sport and Social Exclusion includes a wealth of original research data, as well as a range of important new studies of social exclusion policy and practice in the UK and elsewhere. Drawing upon this research, the author offers important recommendations on how exclusion from sport and society should be tackled in the future. By relating current policy to new research the book provides a foundation for students, academics and policy makers to examine their own understanding, studies and practices.

Mike Collins is Senior Lecturer in Sport and Leisure Management at Loughュ borough University. He was Head of Research at the Sports Council and has conducted and managed research on behalf of the Sports Council, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and many other organisations.

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