Modern Theories of Justice

Kolm, Serge-Christophe 20020807 MIT Press,535p.


■Kolm, Serge-Christophe 20020807 Modern Theories of Justice,MIT Press,535p. (ペーパーバック版)  ISBN-10: 0262611805 ISBN-13: 978-0262611800 4828 [amazon]

This first book in English by Serge-Christophe Kolm provides an overview of his far-reaching vision of distributive justice. Kolm derives justice from considerations of rationality. Justice cannot be defined by one all-encompassing principle or set of a few principles. It has the general form of an equality of individuals' liberties in a broad sense, with different applications and specific adjustments when several liberties conflict or when everybody prefers another outcome.Kolm describes the theory of justice and presents and evaluates each of the various modern theories, principles, or criteria of justice. He shows how some complement each other, how some are unworkable, and how some could be rescued. The result is an intensive introduction to the general theory of justice for economists and noneconomists alike.

I. Introduction: Justice as Justification
 1. Justice as Reason in Society: An Overview
 2. Justice, Liberty, and Equality
 3. The General Structure of Justice
II. Act- and Process-Freedom
 4. Act-Freedom
 5. Full Process Liberalism and Liberal Social Contracts
III. Equalities
 6. Second-Best Justice, Human Resources, and Income Justice
 7. Equal Liberty and Maximin: Justice and Equity
 8. Equal Liberties and Maximin: Fairness from Ignorance
 9. Equalities and Liberties
IV. Inequalities, Needs, and Misery
 10. Pure Distributive Justice: Comparing and Measuring Unjust Inequalities
 11. Needs and Misery
V. Liberties, Morals, and the State
 12. Freedom, Morals, Market Failures, and the State
 13. Morals, Liberty, the State, and Ethcal Motivational Implementation
VI. Utilitarianism and Social Choice
 14. Utilitarianisms, Strict and Metaphorical
 15. Social Choice Theory
VII. Structure and Method
 16. The Form, Method, and Stuation of Justice

"...Kolm’s critique and ideas will provoke thought on the bedrock of our profession and on the direction of our politics."-- Dianne Post, Wisconsin Lawyer

"A stimulating contribution to the literature." -- K. Binmore, Journal of Economics

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