Emotion, Disclosure & Health

Pennebaker, James W. 20020301 Amer Psychological Assn, 1 edition, 337p.

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■Pennebaker, James W. 20020301 Emotion, Disclosure & Health,Amer Psychological Assn, 1 edition, 337p. ISBN-10: 1557989435 ISBN-13: 978-1557989437 欠品 [amazon] [kinokuniya]


Investigators have verified that talking or writing about traumatic events can alleviate distress, improve immune function, and lead to a healthier experience of life. But the links among trauma, emotional expression and health have been difficult to study. In this study influential researchers in psychology and anthropology present a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural examination of the disclosure-health relationship. Why does translating upsetting events into words promote mental and physical health? How can our understanding of this process lead to clinically useful and cost-effective applications? This volume addresses these and other questions, as it illuminates the path from secrecy to psychopathology.


List of Contributors
Part One: Introduction
 Emotion, Disclosure, and Health: An Overview
 A Cultural and Historical Perspective on Confession
Part two: Cognitive Processes in Inhibiting and Disclosing
 From Secrecy to Psychopathology
 Disclosure and Worry: Opposite Sides of the Emotional Processing Coin
 Disclosure as a Speech Act: Is It Psychotherapeutic to Disclose?
 The Power of the Narrative: A Multiple Code Account
Part Three: Emotions, Expressiveness, and Psychosomatics
 Emotional Attention, Clarity, and Repair: Exploring Emotional Intelligence Using the Trait Meta-Mood Scale
 Inhibition and Muscle Tension in Myogenic Pain
 Repression, Emotional Disclosure, and Health: Theoretical, Empirical, and Clinical Considerations
 Confrontation: Inhibition, Alexithymia, and Health
 Repression, Disclosure, and Immune Function: Recent Findings and Methodological Issues
Part Four: Clinical and Social Dimensions of Disclosure
 Emotionality and Health: Lessons From and for Psychotherapy
 The Roles of Disclosure and Emotional Reversal in Clinical Practice
 Mental Rumination, Social Sharing, and the Recovery From Emotional Exposure
 Cultural Similarities and Differences Regarding Emotional Disclosure: Some Examples From Indonesia and the Pacific
Author Index
Subject Index
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