The Distribution and Redistribution of Income, 3rd ed.

Lambert, Peter J. 20020320 Manchester University Press,336p.


■Lambert, Peter J. 20020320 The Distribution and Redistribution of Income, 3rd ed.,Manchester University Press,336p. (ペーパーバック版) ISBN-10: 0719057329 ISBN-13: 978-0719057328 4023 [amazon]

This book provides an up-to-date synthesis of the many standards of distributional analysis used in the fields of social policy, welfare theory, and public finance. Using only basic constructions of calculus, probability, and the economics of consumer behavior, it develops a consistent mathematical approach into a self-contained and unified treatment of the distribution and redistribution of income.

1. Introduction and Summary
2. The Size Distribution of Income
3. Lorenz Curves and Welfare Comparisons
4. Social Welfare and Inequality Aversion
5. Abbreviated Social Welfare Functions and Inequality Indices
6. Poverty
7. The Income Tax
8. A Progressive Income Tax Schedule
9. Income Tax Reform and Social Welfare
10. Differences in Income Tax Treatment
11. The Net Fiscal System

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