Behavior Psychology in the Schools: Innovations in Evaluation, Support, and Consultation

Luiselli, James K; Diament, Charles 2002 Routledge, Child and Family Behavior Therapy, 202p.

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■Luiselli, James K; Diament, Charles 2002 Behavior Psychology in the Schools: Innovations in Evaluation, Support, and Consultation, Routledge, Child and Family Behavior Therapy, 202p. ISBN-10: 0789019213 ISBN-13: 978-0789019219 欠品 [amazon] [kinokuniya] ※ m


Decrease destructive behaviors and improve students’social outlook and academic performance with the ideas you’ll find in this book!
Here is a state-of-the-art review of behavior psychology services in public schools! It will help you address issues of evaluation, technical assistance consultation, training, student discipline, academic remediation, and health-facilitating intervention. Then it explores systems-wide applications that put this knowledge to work.
Authored by respected clinicians, educators, and researchers who blend their extensive practical knowledge with scientific findings to deliver sound, practical advice, Behavior Psychology in the Schools: Innovations in Evaluation, Support, and Consultation:
 presents an overview of the focus, scope, and practice of behavioral consultation to public schools, examining contemporary approaches such as positive behavior support, functional behavioral assessment, and efficacy evaluation
 shows why problem behavior in elementary and middle school students requires a preventive, whole-school approach and describes steps to implement school-wide positive behavior support
 examines ways to enhance academic behavior, decrease disruptive behaviors, and improve academic performance
 looks at risk prevention programs designed to promote healthy behavior and prevent chronic health problems, substance abuse, high-risk sexual behaviors, and physical/sexual abuse of children
 reviews constructive and preventive methods of reducing school violence and vandalism
 examines the laws and policies that support the use of school-wide discipline programs
 shows you how to use curriculum-based measurement to evaluate treatment efficacy
 describes consultation to a public school district in the form of a systems-wide evaluation of instructional and behavior support practices for developmentally disabled students
 teaches you to select effective interventions for responding to behavior problems
 shows you how to provide teachers with the resources and support needed to ensure successful plan intervention
 makes recommendations for improving outcomes in school-based consultation


Focus, Scope, and Practice of Behavioral Consultation to Public Schools
The Evolution of Discipline Practices: School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports
Academic Remediation: Educational Applications of Research on Assignment Preference and Choice
Health Promotion Interventions
Behavioral Strategies to Reduce School Violence
Using Curriculum-Based Measurement to Evaluate Intervention Efficacy
Expanding Technical Assistance Consultation to Public Schools: District-Wide Evaluation of Instructional and Behavior Support Practices for Students with Developmental Disabilities
School-Wide Behavior Support: Legal Implications and Requirements
Training School Psychologists in Behavior Support Consultation
Examining the Efficacy of School-Based Consultation: Recommendations for Improving Outcomes
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