Business Ethics: Facing Up To the Issues

Moon, Chris; Bonny, Clive 2001 Bloomberg Press,224p.

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■Moon, Chris; Bonny, Clive 2001 Business Ethics: Facing Up To the Issues,Bloomberg Press,224p. ISBN-10:1861972814 ISBN-13:978-1861972811 欠品 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ e08



This book builds on a survey done by London Business School with Arthur Andersen and work done by other organisations from both sides of the Atlantic such as the Centre for Tomorrow's Company and the Institute for Global Ethics. It reviews the issues and draws heavily on the experiences of a wide range of companies and business managers to provide a practical framework for businesses to ensure that their ethics meet standards that enhance their reputation and performance.


Championing Ethics; Ethical Fitness; the Role of Leadership; Organisational Purpose and Values; Corporate Governance; Regulation and Alternatives; Corruption in High and Low Places; Accounting for Ethics; the Problems of Dealing With or Sourcing Products from Emerging Economies




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