Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together

Villa, Richard A., Ed.D.; Thousand, Jacqueline S., Ph.D. eds. 2000 Second Edition, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 656p.

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■Villa, Richard A., Ed.D.; Thousand, Jacqueline S., Ph.D. eds. 2000 Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: Piecing the Puzzle Together, Second Edition, Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 656p. ISBN-10:1557663866 ISBN-13:978-1557663863 [amazon][kinokuniya]




Reflecting the recent, extensive changes in special and general education, this new edition examines a range of timely topics as it explains the evolution of inclusive education over the past five years.

You'll learn about

・curriculum, instruction, and assessment in inclusive classrooms
・strategies for collaborative teaming and co-teaching
・ways to empower and motivate students
  ・a framework for understanding and facilitating systems change

Chapter-length case studies show you how a variety of districts have made inclusion work. Special "reflection" chapters provide firsthand accounts of how inclusive education affects different members of the learning community. Throughout, the editors' perceptive writing clarifies the integral roles of students, faculty, and families in creating and maintaining inclusive schools and classrooms.


"This book should be read by all who are interested in forwarding the incl"usive schooling debate to a further level. . . . It will help all to appreciate better what schools ought to be about.


Jacqueline S. Thousand has been a teacher educator since 1981 and has more than 20 years of experience in training teachers and providing technical assistance to schools to create inclusive educational experiences for children from preschool through high school. At the University of Vermont, she coordinated an early childhood special education teacher preparation program and one of the first Inclusion Facilitator graduate programs (1986-1996) in the United States. As the coordinator of the Vermont Homecoming Project in the early 1980s, she was a pioneer in developing instruction and curriculum modification strategies for including students with moderate and severe disabilities that came to be the staples of inclusive practice in the 1990s. With her move in 1996 to California State University San Marcos, she coordinates a teacher credential program that endorses graduates as general and special educators, thus enabling them to advocate for and support students with disabilities as either classroom teachers or special educators. In addition to directing the college's special education credential and master's programs, she continues her commitment to community development by working with leadership and staff of local schools to restructure special day class programs and move the teachers and students in these classes into the mainstream. She also works closely with families to make inclusive education communities a reality. She sits on the editorial boards of a number of professional journals and is past co-editor of Teacher Education and Special Education. She currently serves on the International Board of TASH (formerly The Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps), an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates, and people who work in the disabilities field. Dr. Thousand has authored numerous books, research articles, and book chapters on practical how-to strategies for meeting the needs of all students in general education; adapting curriculum, instruction, and assessment; collaborative teaming; and creative problem solving.

Richard A. Villa, Ed.D., has worked with thousands of teachers and administrators throughout North America and the rest of the world in developing and implementing instructional support systems for educating all students within general education environments. Dr. Villa has been a classroom teacher, special education coordinator, pupil personnel services director, and director of instructional services. He has authored more than 70 articles and book chapters regarding inclusive education and has co-edited three previous books for teachers, administrators, and parents: Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education: An Administrative Guide to Creating Heterogeneous Schools (Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 1992), Creativity and Collaborative Learning: A Practical Guide to Empowering Students and Teachers (Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., 1994), and Creating an Inclusive School Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, (1995). He has presented at numerous national and international conferences and is known for his enthusiastic, humorous style of presenting.


About the Editors
Prologue Norris G. Haring
For the Reader I Reexamining the Purposes of Schooling
Working Toward a Common Goal
M. Stephen Lilly
Setting the Context: History of and
Rationales for Inclusive Schooling
Richard A. Villa Jacqueline S. Thousand
Inclusion and School Restructuring: A New Synergy
Alan Gartner
Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky
Reclaiming Our Youth
Steven L. Van Bockern
Larry K. Brendtro
Martin Brokenleg
Rediscovering the Right to Belong Norman Kunc
A Framework for Thinking About Systems Change Timothy P. Knoster
Richard A. Villa Jacqueline S. Thousand
Reflection: A Credo for Support Norman Kunc
Emma Van der Klift
II Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Inclusive Schooling
A Vision for the Future
Martha L. Thurlow James G. Shriner
Achieving Social Justice Through Education for Responsibility
Jacqueline S. Thousand
Ann I. Nevin
Mary Elizabeth McNeil
Adaptations in General Education Classrooms
Sharon Vaughn
Maria Elena Arguelles
Creating a Community of Learners with Varied Needs
Mary A. Falvey
Mary Blair
Mary Patricia Dingle Nancy Franklin
Standards, Assessments, and Individualized
Education Programs: Planning for Success in
the General Education Curriculum
Michael L. Hock
Reflection: In the Mainstream: A
Confirmation Experience Ro
Joe Vargo
III Emerging Collaborative and Creative Roles
and Processes in Inclusive Schools
Collaborating to Connect the Inclusion Puzzle
Ann I. Nevin
Collaborative Teaming: A Powerful Tool in School Restructuring
Jacqueline S. Thousand
Richard A. Villa
Problem-Solving Methods to Facilitate
Inclusive Education
Michael F. Giangreco
Chigee J. Cloninger
Ruth E. Dennis Susan W. Edelman
Maximizing the Mindware of Human Resources Jeanne Bauwens
Patricia H. Mueller
Role of Related Services Personnel in
Inclusive Schools
Michael F. Giangreco Patricia A. Prelock
Richard R. Reid
Ruth E. Dennis Susan W. Edelman
Reflection: Collaboration for ``Regular''
Lives: An Invitation to Our Children's Teachers
Lisa Alan Houghtelin
IV Examples of Inclusive Schooling in Action
CREATE Inclusive Schools
Margaret E. King-Sears
Restructuring to Create a High School
Community of Learners
Lori Eshilian
Mary A. Falvey
Catherine Bove
Mary Jane Hibbard
Jeffrey Laiblin
Connie Miller
Richard L. Rosenberg
Chronicles of Administrative Leadership
Toward Inclusive Reform: ``We're on the train
and we've left the station, but we haven't gotten to the next stop''
Alice Udvari-Solner
Maureen W. Keyes
The Swanton School District (Franklin
Northwest Supervisory Union): A Second Look
at an Inclusive School Richard Schattman
Linda Keating
You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Patrick Schwarz
Denise Lee Bettenhausen
New Brunswick School Districts 10, 12, and
13: The Story Continued
Gordon L. Porter
Jean Collicott
John Larsen
Reflection: A Conversation with Rachel Holland's Parents
Richard A. Villa Robbie Holland
Kim Connor
V Future Directions and Reflections
If I Could Dream: Reflections on the Future of Education
Susan Bray Stainback
Spirituality in Leadership: Implications for
Inclusive Schooling
Colleen A. Capper
Maureen W. Keyes George T. Theoharis
Preparing Educators to Implement Inclusive Practices
Richard A. Villa Jacqueline S. Thousand
James W. Chapple
From Normalization to Enrichment: A Retrospective Analysis of the Transformation
of Special Education Principles
Edvard Befring
Jacqueline S. Thousand
Ann I. Nevin
The Universal Design for Promoting Self-Determination
Mary-Ellen Fortini
Mary FitzPatrick
Passing the Torch
Cecelia Ann Joseph F.
Judith Ann Pauley
Epilogue: From the Inside Out and the Outside
Aaron Muravchik
Reflection: Closing the Circle
Richard A. Villa Jacqueline S. Thousand




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