A Manual of Special Education Law for Educators and Parents

Rawson, M. Jean 2000 Morgen Pub, 138p.

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■Rawson, M. Jean 2000 A Manual of Special Education Law for Educators and Parents, Morgen Pub, 138p. ISBN-10: 0967620600 ISBN-13: 978-0967620602 欠品 [amazon] [kinokuniya] ※ m


A manual designed for school districts, students studying special education in colleges and universities, and parents of special education students. It is a complete overview of the federal law including IDEA and federal Regulations, illustrated with up-to-date cases. Important portions of the law are highlighted in "Noteworthy" footnotes, and the text is further enhanced with quotations, poems, and illustrations by children with disabilities. This concise guide to the law is a well-organized, easy-to-read reference. Contents: Introduction; Definitions; Identification; Evaluation; Determiniation of Eligibility; Individualized Education Programs; Placement; Discipline; Procedural Safeguards; Mediation; Due Process Hearings; Attorneys' Fees; Damages; Charter Schools; Children in Private Schools.


1. introduction
2. definitions
3. identification
4. evaluation
5. determination of eligibility
6. individualized education programs
7. placement
8. discipline of a student with a disability
9. procedural safeguards
10. mediation
11. due process hearings
12. attorneys’ fees
13. damages
14. charter schools
15. children in private schools




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