Cohen, Robin and Kennedy, Paul 2000 Global Sociology, Palgrave =200302 山之内 靖監訳・伊藤 茂訳,『グローバル・ソシオロジー』,平凡社


■Cohen, Robin and Kennedy, Paul 2000 Global Sociology, Palgrave=200302 山之内 靖監訳・伊藤 茂訳,『グローバル・ソシオロジーI――格差と亀裂』,平凡社 ISBN-10: 4582452213 ISBN-13: 978-4582452211 \2520 [amazon][kinokuniya]
=200302 山之内 靖監訳・伊藤 茂訳,『グローバル・ソシオロジーII――ダイナミクスと挑戦』,平凡社,326p. \2520 ISBN-10: 4582452221ISBN-13: 978-4582452228 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ p0601


グローバリゼーションによって解き放たれた力が、不安や不確実性、社会の文化的一体性の喪失をもたらしている兆しも無視できない。なぜグローバル化は新たな戦争や貧困をもたらすのか? 現代の危機を解明し手がかりを考える。
Book Description
Offering an innovative new approach to sociology that takes the global dimensions of the contemporary world as its overarching framework, Global Sociology is written in a style that is relevant and fresh for the undergraduate reader whether they have studied sociology before or approaching the subject for the first time.

Carefully balancing contemporary sociological theory and concepts with arguments and concrete examples drawn from around the globe, Global Sociology highlights the scope and the importance of sociology for understanding the complex and fast-changing world in which we live. In twenty chapters, the authors consider an immensely rich and diverse range of material, from the emergence of global society and debates surrounding its social, political and economic structure, to topics such as migration, tourism, crime, drugs, famine, mass media, feminism and the environmental movement. The text includes an extensive glossary, boxed case studies, suggestions for classroom projects and seminar activities, and numerous graphs and illustrations. Accessibly written and jargon-free, Global Sociology is the ideal introduction to the topic for students.

■著者略歴 (「BOOK著者紹介情報」より)

イギリス、ウォリック大学(University of Warwick)社会学教授(Professor of Sociology)、同大学グローバリゼーション・地域社会研究センター(Centre for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization)上級研究員
イギリス、マンチェスター・メトロポリタン大学(Manchester Metropolitan University)社会学上級講師(Senior Lecturer in Sociology)

山之内 靖

伊藤 茂

About the Author
Robin Cohen is Professor of Sociology and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Globalization and Regionalization, University of Warwick. Paul Kennedy is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Manchester Metropolitan University.


橋口 昌治 200908 「格差・貧困に関する本の紹介」, 立岩 真也編『税を直す――付:税率変更歳入試算+格差貧困文献解説』,青土社

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