Health Behavior Change: A Guide for Practitioners

Rollnick, Stephen; Mason, Pip; Butler, Chris 19990824 Churchill Livingstone, 1 edition,240p.

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■Rollnick, Stephen; Mason, Pip; Butler, Chris 19990824 Health Behavior Change: A Guide for Practitioners,Churchill Livingstone, 1 edition,240p. ISBN-10: 0443058504 ISBN-13: 978-0443058509 欠品 [amazon] [kinokuniya]


This book is the first in its field to offer practitioners a patient-centered method for changing a patient's health behavior. Using brief, structured consultations with the client, the practitioner encourages the patient to take charge of decision-making concerning his/her health. The text clearly outlines the fundamental principles behind the method while applying it to practice.
・Well accepted method.
Reflects professionals' current concerns with health promotion and effective use of time.
・Highly respected authors.
Community focus.
・Genuine international market.
Particularly relevant to US practice.
・US spellings throughout.


Section 1: Introduction
 Foundations: Theory and Practice
Section 2: The Tasks
 Getting Started: Rapport
 Agendas and Assessment
 Explore Importance and Build Confidence
 Exchange Information and Reduce Resistance: Two Ongoing Tasks
Section 3: Application
 Common Clinical Encounters
 Training Health Professionals
 Broader Horizons




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