Collected Papers

Rawls, John[ジョン・ロールズ]1999c Samuel Richard Freeman Ed. Harvard University Press. 672p.

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Rawls, John[ジョン・ロールズ]1999c Collected Papers. Samuel Richard Freeman Ed. Harvard University Press. 672p.
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ditor's Preface
1. Outline of a Decision Procedure for Ethics (『公正としての正義』VII章)
2. Two Concepts of Rules(同VIII章)
3. Justice as Fairness(同I章)
4. Constitutional Liberty and the Concept of Justice(同II章)
[In Friedrich, C. J. and John Chapman Ed. Nomos IV, Justice New York: Atherton Press. 1963]
5. The Sense of Justice(同VI章)
6. Legal Obligation and the Duty of Fair Play
7. Distributive Justice(同III章)
8. Distributive Justice: Some Addenda(同IV章)
9. The Justification of Civil Disobedience(同V章)
10. Justice as Reciprocity
11. Some Reasons for the Maximin Criterion
12. Reply to Alexander and Musgrave
13. A Kantian Conception of Equality
[Cambridge Review. [London] (February 1975), 96(2225) pp. 94-99.
reprinted in Ranjchman, John and Cornel West eds. Post-Analytic Philosophy, Columbia University Press. 1985. pp. 201-213
=1984 (藤原 保信 訳)「秩序ある社会」岩波書店編集部編『現代世界の危機と未来への展望』岩波書店 所収
14. Fairness to Goodness
15. The Independence of Moral Theory
16. Kantian Constructivism in Moral Theory
17. Social Unity and Primary Goods
18. Justice as Fairness: Political not Metaphysical
[Philosophy and Public Affirs (Summer 1985) 14:3 pp. 223-251]
19. Preface for the French Edition of A Theory of Justice
=1993 [仏語原著からの翻訳] (川本 隆史・重田 園江 訳)「『正義論』フランス語版序文」"みすず" 1993年4月号
20. The Idea of an Overlapping Consensus
21. The Priority of Right and Ideas of the Good
22. The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus
23. Themes in Kant's Moral Philosophy
24. The Law of Peoples
In Shute, Stephen and Susan L. Hurley Ed. On Human Rights. (The Oxford Amnesty Lectures, 1993) Basic Books.
=1998 S. シュート, S. ハーリー編(中島 吉弘・松田 まゆみ 訳)『人権について : オックスフォード・アムネスティ・レクチャーズ』みすず書房 所収
25. Fifty Years after Hiroshima
[Dissent. (Summer 1995) pp. 323-327.]
=1996 (川本 隆史 訳)「原爆投下はなぜ不正なのか?: ヒロシマから50年」,『世界』619 (1996年2月号) pp. 103-114.
26. The Idea of Public Reason Revisited →Rawls 1999a
27. Commonweal Interview with John Rawls




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