Social Role Valorrization and The English Experience

Race, David G. 1999 Whiting & Birch Ltd,184p.

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■Race, David G. 1999 Social Role Valorrization and The English Experience,184p. ISBN-10:1861770278 ISBN-13:9781861770271  [amazon][kinokuniya]



This book is the first to present a full-length account of Wolfenberger's theory of Social Role Valorization with specific reference to the English context. It addresses the critiques that form a key part of the 'English experience' of social role valorization. It clearly demonstrates that social role valorization is a theory directly relevant to individuals and caring services working with vulnerable groups. The author shows how this concept can be used to develop strategies for action that can inform the practice of individuals and organisations seeking to respond to a changing social and political climate.





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