Rainforest Shamans ――Essays on the Tukano Indians of the Northwest Amazon

Reichel-Dolmatoff,Gerardo 1997 Themis Books,344p.


■Reichel-Dolmatoff,Gerardo 1997 Rainforest Shamans ―― Essays on the Tukano Indians of the Northwest Amazon, Themis Books, 344p. ISBN10:0952730243 ISBN13:978-0952730248 2872 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ ma


1 Cosmology as Ecological Analysis: A vier from the Rainforest
2 Desana Animal Categories, Food Restrictions, and the Concept of Colour Energies
3 Tapir Avoidance int the colombian Northwest Amazon
4 At Hunter's Tale from the Colombian North west Amazon
5 Some Source Material On Desana shamanistic Initiation
6 Desana Shaman's Rock Crystals and the hexagonal Universe
7 Desana Curing Spells : An analysis of some Shamanistic Metaphors
8 Brain and Mind in Desana Shamanism
9 Drug- Induced optical Sensations and Their relationship to Applied art among some Colombian Indians
10 Astronomical Models of social Behaviour Amnong Some Indians of Colombia
11 Biological and Social Aspects of the Yurupari Complex of the Colombian Vaupes Territory


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