Kessler, David 1997 The Rights of the Dying: A Companion for Life's Final Moments, Harper Audio
=19980930 椎野 淳 訳,集英社,324p.ISBN:4-08-773306-8 2625


■Kessler, David 1997 The Rights of the Dying: A Companion for Life's Final Moments, Harper Audio [boople][amazon]=19980930 椎野 淳 訳,『死にゆく人の17の権利』,集英社,324p.ISBN:4-08-773306-8 2625 [amazon][boople][bk1] ※





私たちはあまりにも死から遠い日常を歩き続け、いつしか準備することさえ忘れてしまった。しかし医療の進歩は容赦なく「来るべき時」の選択を問いかける。インフォームド・コンセント、生の質(QOL)、臓器移殖、脳死…。本書は、命に関わる病気と闘っている人のための書だ。が、それ以上にその伴侶、両親、子ども、兄弟、友人のための道しるべでもある。本人のためには17の権利を浮き彫りにし、家族のためには身内同士の、あるいは医師や病院スタッフとのコミュニケーション方法を述べた。 □内容(「MARC」データベースより)
第1章 生きている人間
第2章 感情の表現
第3章 決定への参加
第4章 痛みの生理
第5章 痛みの感情
第6章 精神性と死
第7章 子供と死
第8章 死の生理
第9章 台風の目の中で死ぬこと
第10章 孤独で死なないこと
第11章 遺体

Book Description
In gentle, compassionate language, The Needs of the Dying helps us through the last chapter of our lives. Author David Kessler has identified key areas of concern: the need to be treated as a living human being, the need for hope, the need to express emotions, the need to participate in care, the need for honesty, the need for spirituality, and the need to be free of physical pain. Examining the physical and emotional experiences of life-challenging illnesses, Kessler provides a vocabulary for communication with doctors, with hospital staff, and with each other, and-at a time when the right words are exceedingly difficult to find-he helps readers find a way to say good-bye. Using comforting and touching stories, including new accounts about Michael Landon and Anthony Perkins, he provides information to help us meet the needs of a loved one at this important time in our lives.

The right to be treated as a living human being. The right to maintain a sense of hopefulness. The right to be free of physical pain. The right of children to participate in death. The right to die. The right not to die alone. These are only a few of the 17 rights David Kessler describes in this powerful book that examines the physical and emotional experience of death.
In gentle, compassionate language, David Kessler outlines the rights of the dying, principles that will help everyone face death with dignity. Kessler provides for family members a way of communicating with one another, as well as with doctors and hospital staff. He also provides a vocabulary for the dying that allows them to participate in all decisions and express feelings and emotions.
David Kessler, the founder of the award-winning Progressive Home Health Care Agency, has advised President and Mrs. Clinton on hospice issues and served on Senator Diane Feinstein's National AIDS Education and Health Care Advisory Committee. His work has been discussed in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Business Week, and Life. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

The Rights of the Dying
Author's Note
1. A Living Human Being
2. Expressing Emotions
3. Participating in Decisions
4. The Physiology of Pain
5. The Emotions of Pain
6. Spirituality and Death
7. Children and Death
8. The Physiology of Death
9. Dying in the Eye of the Storm
10. Not Dying Alone
11. The Body
Epilogue: A Message for the Dying, A Message for the Living
A Note on Sources


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