Fox, Paula 1997 Radiance Descending,Lescher & Lescher
=200012 平野 卿子 訳・葉 祥明 画,金の星社,189p.

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■Fox, Paula 1997 Radiance Descending,Lescher & Lescher =200012 平野 卿子 訳・葉 祥明 画 『光の子がおりてきた』,金の星社,189p. ISBN-10:4323063121 ISBN-13:978-4323063126 \1260 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ dwn




Award-winning author Paula Fox succeeds again with Radiance Descending, a novel about a boy struggling to ignore his brother who has Down's syndrome. Paul can spin mental circles around Jacob, and he's tired of the way his parents focus all of their attention on his younger brother just because Jacob has a problem. Jacob dawdles, laughs endlessly, messes up Paul's room, and has a pumpkinlike face. Most of all, Jacob embarrasses Paul. Disgusted by the way Jacob fawns over him and angry at the way he feels erased in his own family, Paul focuses all of his energy on ignoring Jacob. Slowly, though, Paul begins to wonder if, perhaps, not thinking about Jacob is only another way of thinking about him? Radiance Descending is an enchanting, deeply felt tale about family pain and the courage it takes to reach out into the unknown.

From Publishers Weekly
In a starred review, PW said, "Newbery Medal-winner Fox tells a perceptive, sensitive story about a preteen-ager who is idolized by his Down's syndrome brother." Ages 10-up. (Nov.)
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Book Description
Five years separate Paul form his younger brother, Jacob, about whom Paul is trying not to think. For him, Jacob is unthinkable, a pumpkin face smiling wildly form the window as Paul, 11, stomps off toward his school bus. Grandpa says of such children with Down syndrome, "There is no war in them." But of Paul there is war every day, and Jacob, it seems, is the whole reason. With meticulous tenderness, this story gentles Paul out of his rage at a family situation he can't control. Jacob has a surprising, public world of his own which Paul comes to know when he least wants to see it. But once seen, that world--of friends like the newspaper vendor on the corner, of kindness such as Jacob inspires everywhere--cannot be denied. Slowly, dramatically Paul begins to let the light of Jacob's presence in the family stream into his brightening view of the world.


1 ジェイコブ
2 ジェイコブがやってきた
3 誕生会
4 引っこし
5 ブラストン
6 自伝
7 お父さんのたのみ
8 一回目の土曜日
9 二回目の土曜日
10 にげる
11 おじいちゃん
12 光の子がおりてきた





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