Prozac Nation:Young and Depressed in America

Wurtzel,Elizabeth 1994 Prozac Nation : Young and Depressed in America , Riverhead Books, New York


■Wurtzel,Elizabeth 1994  Prozac Nation : Young and Depressed in America , Riverhead Books, New York 368p. ISBN-10: 1573229628 ISBN-13: 978-1573229623 [amazon] ※ b d/l03 0e/e01

■内容(「MARC」データベースより) 深刻なうつ病に陥った日々の心の地獄を綴った自伝。うつの気持ちのありのままを書き、うつ病患者がどう感じるか、経験の事実のみを綴り、うつ病が生活を、更に命を奪ってしまう深刻な病気であることを伝える。映画化決定。--このテキストは、 単行本 版に関連付けられています。

Elizabeth Wurtzel writes with her finger in the faint pulse of a generation whose ruling icons are Kurt Cobain, Xanax, and pierced tongues. A memoir of her bouts with depression and skirmishes with drugs, Prozac Nation still manages to be a witty and sharp account of the psychopharmacology of an era.--このテキストは、 ハードカバー 版に関連付けられています。

"The next day,Dr.Sterling announces that she is so pleased with the effect Mellaril has had on me,she's decided it ought to be my drug of choice.Three times a day,the nurse will give me a little brown tablet.
I'm not sure what she wants the medication's effect to be.Apparently some doctors at Mclean are experimenting with low dosages as an antidepressant.But its main result is my complete indifference to everything.After the initial euphoria I experienced with my first dose,a standard regimen of Mellari just dulls everything.Instead of being Depressed Girl,I'm Blank Girl.I ahieve a lack of affect so complete that Dr.Sterling and the other physicians almost mistake it for an improvement.pp."(pp.240-241)

"Enter Prozac,and suddenly I have a diagnosis.It seems oddly illogical:Rather than defining my disease as a way to lead us to fluoxetine,the invention of this drug has brought us to my disease.Which seems backward,but much less so later on,when I find that this is a typical course of events in psychiatry,that the discovery of a drug to treat,say,schizophrenia,will tend to result in many more patients being diagnosed as schizophrenics.This is strictly Marxian psychopharmacology,where the material ---or rather,pharmaceutical---means determaine the way an individual's case history is interpreted."(p.301)

"But before I knew this,I was so scared to give up depression,fearing that somehow the worst part of me was actually all of me.The idea of throwing away my depression,of having to create a whole personality,a whole way of living and being that did not contain misery as its leitmotif,was daunting. Depression had for so long been a convenient---and honest---explanation for everything that was wrong with me,and it had been a handicap that helped accentuate everything that was right.Now,with the help of a biochemical cure,it was going to go away.I mean,wild animals raised in captivity will perish if placed back into their natural habitats because they don't know the laws of prey and predator and they don't know the ways of the jungle,even if that's where they belong.How would I ever survive as my normal self ? And after all these years,who was that person anyway?"(p.327)

"I took a long time for me to get used to my contentedness.It was so hard for me to formulate a way of being and thinking in which the starting point was not depression.Dr.Sterling agrees that it's hard,because depression is an addiction the way many substances and most modes of behavior are,and like most addictions it is miserable but still hard to break.On Prozac,I often walk around so conscious of how not-terrible I feel that I am petrified that I'm going to lose this new equilibrium.I spend so much time worrying about staying happy that I threaten to become unhappy all over again. "(pp.329-330)

"The trouble is that when we get around to solutions,it always seems to come down to Prozac.Or Zoloft or Paxil.Deep clinical depression is a disease,one that not only can,but probably should,be treated with drugs.But a low-grade terminal anomie,a sense of alienation or disgust and detachment,the collective horror at a world that seems to have gone so very wrong,is not a job for antideoressants."(p.341)

"The secret I sometimes think that only I know is that Prozac really isn't that great.Of course,I can say this and still believe that Prozac was the miracle that saved my life and jumpstarted me out of a full-time state of depression---which would probably seem to most people reason enough to think of the drug as manna from heaven.But after six years on Prozac.I know that it is not the end but the beginning."(pp. 343-344)

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