Zazove, Philip 1993 When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes, Gallaudet University Press,295p. =20020626 相原真理子 訳,草思社,342p.


■Zazove, Philip 1993 When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes, Gallaudet University Press,295p. =20020626 相原真理子 訳 『耳の聞こえないお医者さん、今日も大忙し』,草思社,342p. ISBN-10: 4794211457 ISBN-13: 978-4794211453 \1995 [amazon][kinokuniya]

From Publishers Weekly

Zazove, deaf since birth, uses a bed-shaking device each morning to wake up. This inspiring first-person narrative tells how he overcame his handicap to establish a thriving practice and a family first in Utah, and eventually in Michigan. Zazove attended Rutgers Medical School and earned his M.D. degree from Washington University. Although he seems to have compensated admirably for his disability, Zazove conveys his apprehensions and notes the constant efforts needed to understand others, particularly professors, patients and children who are unaware of his need to read lips. He portrays his patients--including some amusing eccentrics--vividly. However, unnecessary details, and distractingly verbatim dialogues diminish the impact of the memoir.

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From Library Journal

In this chatty, appealing memoir (whose title refers to the mechanical device that wakes the author up for phone calls or as an alarm clock), Dr. Zazove, who is deaf, recounts how he overcame the odds and realized a lifelong dream to become a family doctor by gaining entrance to medical school--and then completing his M.D. Zazove believes that his deafness has contributed to his humanity, leading him into family practice and helping him to focus on individual patients. This personal account of his struggles reveals his inspiration, dedication, and warmth. For all collections.

- Emily Ferren, Carroll Cty. P.L., Westminster, Md.

Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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