Motivating Humans: Goals, Emotions, and Personal Agency Beliefs

Ford, Martin E 1992 Sage Publications, Inc, 302p.

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■Ford, Martin E 1992 Motivating Humans: Goals, Emotions, and Personal Agency Beliefs,Sage Publications, Inc,302p. ISBN-10:0803945299 ISBN-13:978-0803945296   [amazon][kinokuniya]



This volume provides a precise and comprehensive description of human motivation. Drawing on psychology, education and management, Ford integrates classic and contemporary motivation theory into a unified framework - Motivational Systems Theory - from which he derives 17 principles for motivating people.

The book provides concrete examples throughout and includes a chapter on practical applications such as: promoting social responsibility in young people; increasing motivation for learning and school achievement; increasing work productivity and job satisfaction; and helping people lead emotionally healthy lives.

Ford is Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Committee on Psychological Studies in Education at the Stanford University School of Education.


1. Rationale for Motivational Systems Theory
2. Theoretical Foundation: The Living Systems
3. Defining Motivation and Its Role in Effective
4. Personal Goals
5. Personal Agency Beliefs and Emotinal Arousal
6. Integration of Historical and Contemporary
7. How to "Motivate" People: Priniples and Applications
8. Summary of Motivational Systems Theory




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