History, Labour, and Freedom: Themes from Marx

Cohen, G. A 1988 Oxford University Press.

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Cohen, G. A. 1988 History, Labour, and Freedom: Themes from Marx, Oxford University Press. 336p ISBN-10:0198247796 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ **


  Marx saw history as a protracted process of liberation - from the scarcity imposed on humanity by nature and from the oppression imposed by ruling on subject classes. The growth of human power to produce enables humanity to free itself from both material and social adversity, but unfreedom, exploitation, and humiliation are the price which the mass of humanity pay for the part they play in contributing to that growth.
  The theory of historical materialism gives rigorous form to the Marxist vision. In the first part of this book, Professor Cohen provides a fresh exposition of historical materialism, and defends it against familiar objections. In the second part he expresses reservations of his own about the theory, and offers reformulations of it which seek to accommodate them. In the final part of the book he discusses the unfreedom and exploitation under which workers labour in contemporary class society.
  Many of the articles which the book brings together are well known, but most have been substantially revised forthe present collection. History, Labour, and Freedom is a sequel to the author's Karl Marx's Theory of History


Part 1: Historical Materialism - Exposition and Defence
1 Forces and Relations of Production
2 Base and Superstructure
3 Being, Consciousness and Roles
4 Historical Inevitability and Revolutionary Agency
5 Human nature and Social Change in the Marxist Conception of History

Part 2: Historical Materialism - Criticism and Revision
6 Fettering
7 On an Argument for Historical Materialism
8 Reconsidering Historical Materialism
9 Restricted and Inclusive Historical Materialism

Part 3: Capitalism, Labour and freedom
10 The Dialectic of labour in Marx
11 The Labour Theory of Value and the Concept of Exploitation
12 Are Disadvantaged Workers who Rake Hazardous Jobs Forced to Take Hazardous Jobs?
13 The Structure of Proletarian Unfreedom
14 Freedom, Justice and Capitalism




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