Biomedical Ethics: An Anglo-American Dialogue

Callaban, Daniel; Dunstan, G.R. eds 1988 New York Academy of Sciences,175p.

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■Callaban, Daniel; Dunstan, G.R. eds 1988 Biomedical Ethics: An Anglo-American Dialogue,New York Academy of Sciences,175p. ISBN-10:0897664574 ISBN-13:978-0897664578 欠品 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ e08



Part1 A Tale of Two Culture: Understanding Cultural Similarities and Differences
Part2 The Delicate Balance: Ethics, Law and Medicine
Part3 The Nature of the Physician-Patient Relationship
Part4 The New Reproductive Technologies: Are We Creating New Ethical Problem?
Part5 Treatment Decisions Regarding Seriously Ill Newborns
Part6 The Privatization of the Health Care System
Part7 Age as a Criterion in Treatment and Allocation Decisions
Part8 Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research
Part9 Mass Screnning, Civil Liberties, and the Public Health
Part10 A Look to the Future




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