The Bible and Social Reform

Sandeen, Ernest R.ed. 19820101 Society of Biblical Literature,194p.

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■Sandeen, Ernest R. ed. 19820101 The Bible and Social Reform,Society of Biblical Literature,194p. ISBN-10:1589834666 ISBN-13:978-1589834668 $23.95 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ mc



This final volume in The Bible in American Culture series published to celebrate the Society of Biblical Literature's centennial focuses on the complexity of biblical influence upon social movements ranging from early American missions to the involvement of Black Churches in the quest for civil rights. Essays cover abolition and the Bible, the social gospel, and the position of women in the church.


Editor and Contributors vi
Preface to the Series vii
Introduction 1 (8)
Ernest R. Sandeen
I The Bible and Early American Indian 9 (22)
James P. Ronda
II Abolitionists, the Bible, and the 31 (28)
Challenge of Slavery
James Brewer Stewart
III The Biblical Base of the Social Gospel 59 (26)
William McGuire King
IV Biblical Arguments and Women's Place in 85 (20)
the Church
Barbara Brown Zikmund
V The Bible and American Peace Movements 105(28)
Charles Chatfield
VI The Bible and the Black Churches 133(22)
Peter J. Paris
VII Dorothy Day and the Bible 155(24)
William D. Miller
Index 179




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