Wilhelm Dilthey: Pioneer of the Human Studies

Rickman, H. P. 19800101 Univ of California Pr,197p.

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■Rickman, H. P. 19800101 Wilhelm Dilthey: Pioneer of the Human Studies,Univ of California Pr,197p. ISBN-10:0520038797 ISBN-13:978-0520038790 欠品 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ p



1. The Importance of Dilthey
2. Dilthey's Writings and their Reception
3. Dilthey the Man
4. The Philosophy of Life
5. The Human Studies
6. Understanding
7. Expressions
8. Meaning
9. The Critique of Histrical Reason
10. The Methodology of the Human Studies
11. Dilthey's Influence




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