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・Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language, and education
 / edited by Marc Marschark and Patricia Elizabeth Spencer


・Macroeconomic theory : a dynamic general equilibrium approach
 / Michael Wickens


・Monetary policy, inflation, and the business cycle
 : an introduction to the new Keynesian framework / Jordi Galí


・Structural macroeconometrics / David N. DeJong with Chetan Dave

・Information and economic analysis / Joseph E. Stiglitz

・Microeconometrics : methods and applications
 / A. Colin Cameron, Pravin K. Trivedi

・Recursive methods in economic dynamics
 / Nancy L. Stokey and Robert E. Lucas, Jr. ; with Edward C. Prescott

・Social dynamics / edited by Steven N. Durlauf and H. Peyton Young

・Liberalism defended : the challenge of post-modernity
 / Douglas B. Rasmussen, Douglas J. Den Uyl

・Social and economic networks / Matthew O. Jackso

・The philosophic thought of Ayn Rand
 / edited by Douglas J. Den Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen

・Liberty and nature : an Aristotelian defense of liberal order
 / Douglas B. Rasmussen and Douglas J. Den Uyl.

・Deaf adolescents : inner lives and lifeworld development
 / Martha A. Sheridan ; foreword by Irene W. Leigh and Patricia E. Spencer

・Statistics with Stata : updated for version 10 / Lawrence C. Hamilton

・Cochlear implants in children : ethics and choices
 / John B. Christiansen, Irene W. Leigh ; with contributions
  from Patricia Elizabeth Spencer and Jay R. Lucker

・Surgical consent : bioethics and cochlear implantation
 / Linda Komesaroff, editor

・Paediatric cochlear implantation : evaluating outcomes
 / Ed. Thoutenhoofd ... [et al.]

・Sign language interpreting and interpreter education : directions for research and practice
 / edited by Marc Marschark, Rico Peterson, and Elizabeth A. Winston
  ; contributing editors, Patricia Sapere ... [et al.]

・Advances in the spoken language development of deaf and hard-of-hearing children
 / edited by Patricia Elizabeth Spencer and Marc Marschark

・Inner lives of deaf children : interviews and analysis
 / Martha Sheridan ; foreword by Patricia Elizabeth Spencer and I. King Jordan

・Advances in the sign language development of deaf children
 / edited by Brenda Schick, Marc Marschark, and Patricia Elizabeth Spencer

・The world of deaf infants : a longitudinal study
 / Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, Lynne Sanford Koester

・Raising and educating a deaf child : a comprehensive guide to the choices,
 controversies, and decisions faced by parents and educators / Marc Marschark

・Deaf cognition : foundations and outcomes
 / edited by Marc Marschark and Peter C. Hauser

・Repeated games and reputations : long-run relationships
 / George J. Mailath and Larry Samuelson

・Lecture notes in microeconomic theory : the economic agent / Ariel Rubinstein
・Introductory econometrics : a modern approach / Jeffrey M. Wooldridge

・Macrojustice : the political economy of fairness / Serge-Christophe Kolm

・Justice, political liberalism, and utilitarianism : themes from Harsanyi and Rawls
 / edited by Marc Fleurbaey, Maurice Salles, John A. Weymark

・Does game theory work? : the bargaining challenge / Ken Binmore

・Dynamic economics : quantitative methods and applications
 / Jérôme Adda and Russell Cooper

・Fairness, responsibility, and welfare / Marc Fleurbaey

・Norms of liberty : a perfectionist basis for non-perfectionist politics
 / Douglas B. Rasmussen and Douglas J. Den Uyl

・Racism, xenophobia, and distribution : multi-issue politics in advanced democracies
 / John E. Roemer, Woojin Lee, Karine Van der Straeten

・A game-theoretic perspective on coalition formation / Debraj Ray


・Stochastic optimization in continuous time / Fwu-Ranq Chang

・Recursive macroeconomic theory / Lars Ljungqvist, Thomas J. Sargent

・Applied macroeconometrics / Carlo A. Favero

・Evolutionary games and equilibrium selection / Larry Samuelson

・The theory of learning in games / Drew Fudenberg and David K. Levine

・General equilibrium, overlapping generations models, and optimal growth theory
 / Truman F. Bewley

・解剖医ジョン・ハンターの数奇な生涯 / ウェンディ・ムーア著 ; 矢野真千子訳

・Econometric analysis / William H. Greene

・Evolutionary dynamics and extensive form games / Ross Cressman

・Advanced macroeconomics / David Romer

・Designing economic mechanisms / Leonid Hurwicz, Stanley Reiter

・A course in game theory / Martin J. Osborne, Ariel Rubinstein

・Discrete choice methods with simulation / Kenneth E. Train

・Complex social networks / Fernando Vega-Redondo

・マダラ計量経済分析の方法 / G.S.Maddala著 ; 佐伯親良訳

・ミクロ計量経済学の方法 : パネル・データ分析
 / チェン・シャオ著 ; 国友直人訳

・慣習と秩序の経済学 : 進化ゲーム理論アプローチ
 / ロバート・サグデン著 ; 友野典男訳

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