・クリアな瞳 : 角膜移植による視力向上 / 大森聡著

・Ethics, the heart of leadership
 / edited by Joanne B. Ciulla ; foreword by James MacGregor Burns

・Theories and concepts of corporate social responsibility
 / edited by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten

・Managing and implementing corporate social responsibility
 / edited by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten

・Corporate social responsibility in global context
 / edited by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten

・The transition from welfare to work : processes, challenges, and outcomes
 / Sharon Telleen, Judith V. Sayad, editors

・Ethics incorporated : top priority and bottom line
 / Dipankar Gupta

・Sundays down South : a pastor's stories / James O. Chatham

・ニュー・ヨーク州事業会社法史研究 / 伊藤紀彦著

・認知症家族介護を生きる : 新しい認知症ケア時代の臨床社会学
                  / 井口高志著


・学術情報流通とオープンアクセス / 倉田敬子著

・Business ethics : managing corporate citizenship
 and sustainability in the age of globalization
           / Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten

・Corporate social responsibility
 : the corporate governance of the 21st century
 / general editor, Ramon Mullerat ; authors, Daniel Brennan ... [et al.]

・Management models for corporate social responsibility
        / Jan Jonker, Marco de Witte, (editors)

・Developing corporate social responsibility : a European perspective
   / Francesco Perrini, Stefano Pogutz, Antonio Tencati

・Corporate social responsibility
 : doing the most good for your company and your cause
           / Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee

・Ethical theory, distributive justice, and corporate social
  responsibility / edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand Vaidya

・Fairness and justice in the workplace
   / edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand Vaidya

・Professional ethics
   / edited by Fritz Allhoff and Anand Vaidya

・The challenge of organizing and implementing corporate social responsibility
   / edited by Jan Jonker and Marco de Witte

・Concepts, accountability and reporting
   / edited by José Allouche

・Corporate social responsibility in the EU & Japan
   / György Széll, (ed.)

・Managing business ethics : straight talk about how to do it right
  / Linda Klebe Treviño, Katherine A. Nelson

・Human values in management / edited by Ananda Das Gupta

・Welfare to work in practice
 : social security and participation in economic and social life
  / edited by Peter Saunders

・Quicker better cheaper?
 : managing performance in American government
  / edited by Dall W. Forsythe

・City of revolution : restructuring Manchester
      / edited by Jamie Peck and Kevin Ward

・Changing welfare services : case studies of local welfare reform programs
      / Michael J. Austin, editor

・Repoliticizing management
  : a theory of corporate legitimacy / Conor Cradden

・Politics and practice in economic geography
      / edited by Adam Tickell ... [et al.]

・Remaking the global economy : economic-geographical perspectives
      / edited by Jamie Peck and Henry Wai-Chung Yeung

・Ethical boundaries of capitalism
      / edited by Daniel Daianu, Radu Vranceanu

・The crime fighter : how you can make your community crime free
      / Jack Maple with Chris Mitchell

・Divine agitators : the Delta Ministry and civil rights in Mississippi
      / by Mark Newman

・Huey P. Newton : the radical theorist / Judson L. Jeffries

・PowerPointのやさしい使い方から学会発表まで : アニメーションや
 動画も活かした効果的なプレゼンのコツ / 谷口武利編

 : アクセプトされるための論文の執筆から投稿・採択までの
  大切な実践ポイント / Ann M.Körner著 ; 瀬野悍二訳・編

・A little taste of freedom : the Black freedom struggle
 in Claiborne County, Mississippi / Emilye Crosby

・Flat broke with children
 : women in the age of welfare reform / Sharon Hays

・Putting poor people to work
 : how the work-first idea eroded college access for the poor
 / Kathleen M. Shaw ... [et al.]

・Transforming America : politics and culture in the Reagan years
 / Robert M. Collins

・The African American press
 : a history of news coverage during national crises,
 with special reference to four black newspapers, 1827-1965
 / Charles A. Simmons

・Contesting neoliberalism : urban frontiers
 / edited by Helga Leitner, Jamie Peck, Eric S. Sheppard


・眼組織移植と免疫 / 玉井信, 水流忠彦編

・眼内レンズを科学する / 小原喜隆, 西起史, 松島博之編

・サイボーグ・エシックス / 高橋透著

                   / 吉田健正著

  : HSR(病院の社会的責任)体制の構築 / 羽生正宗著

・角膜診療ハンドブック / 島ア潤, 坪田一男編

・評価される博士・修士・卒業論文の書き方・考え方 / 新堀聰著

・アイバンク : ここまで進んだ角膜移植 / 坪田一男著

・医療事故の根絶を目指して : 眼科医療と訴訟事例より / 岩瀬光[著]

    / 進研アカデミーグラデュエート大学部編

 / L.A.ポネモン, D.R.L.ガブハート著 ; 瀧田輝己 [ほか] 共訳

・角膜移植ガイダンス : 適応から術後管理まで
     / 坪田一男, 島ア潤, 榛村重人編

・科学英語論文の赤ペン添削講座 : はじめてでも書ける!
 : 実例で身に付く! : アクセプトされる論文を書くコツと鉄則
                     / 山口雄輝著

 : 一歩進んだ発表のための計画・準備から当日のプレゼンまで
        : in医学・理学系学会 / 今泉美佳著

・The pleasure of a surplus income : part-time work,
 gender politics, and social change in West Germany,1955-1969
 / Christine von Oertzen ; translated from the German by Pamela Selwyn


・Employment policy and the regulation of part-time work in the European Union : a comparative analysis
/ edited by Silvana Sciarra, Paul Davies and Mark Freedland

・Citizenship in European cities
  : immigrants, local politics and integration policies
          / edited by Rinus Penninx ... [et al.]

・The work-family challenge : rethinking employment
        / edited by Suzan Lewis and Jeremy Lewis

・Work-life integration : case studies of organisational
 change / Suzan Lewis and Cary L. Cooper

・The myth of work-life balance
 : the challenge of our time for men, women and societies
    / Richenda Gambles, Suzan Lewis and Rhona Rapoport

   : 「平和国家」創生を目指して / 山本真理著

   : 働くことの意味と組織の視点 / 石見尚著

・モグラ女の逆襲 : 知られざる団塊女の本音 / 残間里江子著


・沖縄・炎の記録 / 宮嶋義勇編  「怒りをうたえ」上映実行委員会

     / 東陽一監督 ; 東プロダクション製作 ; シグロ・青林舎

・A passion for friends : toward a philosophy of female affection
                    / Janice G. Raymond

・Latin American philosophy for the 21st century
  : the human condition, values, and the search for identity
    / edited by Jorge J.E. Gracia and Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert


・Sex, love, and friendship : studies of the Society for the
Philosophy of Sex and Love, 1977-1992 / edited by Alan Soble

・The philosophical I : personal reflections on life in philosophy
    / edited by George Yancy ; [Linda Martin Alcoff ... et al.]

・Body and soul : rethinking sexuality as justice-love
     / Marvin M. Ellison and Sylvia Thorson-Smith, eds.
      ; [Rita Nakashima Brock ... et al.]

・Eros, agape, and philia : readings in the philosophy of love
                 / edited by Alan Soble

・Down the slippery slope : arguing in applied ethics / David Lamb


・The institution of philosophy : a discipline in crisis?
          / edited by Avner Cohen and Marcelo Dasca

・Blackness visible : essays on philosophy and race / Charles W. Mills

・The Cornel West reader / Cornel West


・Fashionable nihilism : a critique of analytic philosophy
                  / Bruce Wilshire

・Cornel West : a critical reader / edited by George Yancy

・Women as wombs : reproductive technologies and the battle over
women's freedom / Janice G. Raymond

・Ethics along the color line / Anna Stubblefield


・Writings on an ethical life / Peter Singer

・A future for Marxism? : Althusser, the analytical turn and the revival of socialist theory / Andrew Levine

・The color of gender : reimaging democracy / Zillah R. Eisenstein

・Date rape : feminism, philosophy, and the law
              / edited by Leslie Francis

・Surviving race, ethnicity, and nationality
  : a challenge for the twenty-first century / Jorge J.E. Gracia

・On race and philosophy / Lucius Outlaw, (Jr.)

・Sex without love : a philosophical exploration / Russell Vannoy

・Erotic justice : a liberating ethic of sexuality / Marvin M. Ellison

・Sex from Plato to Paglia : a philosophical encyclopedia(v.1, v.2)
             / edited by Alan Soble  ※館内利用資料

・Policy into action : implementation research and welfare reform
         / edited by Mary Clare Lennon and Thomas Corbett

・Mediated women : representations in popular culture
               / edited by Marian Meyers


・Democracy and social injustice : law, politics, and philosophy
                    / Thomas W. Simon
・The work alternative : welfare reform and the realities of the job
market / Demetra Smith Nightingale, Robert H. Haveman, editors

・Evolutionary explanation in the social sciences
                  / Philippe Van Parijs

・Diagnosis : difference : the moral authority of medicine
                                     / Abby L. Wilkerson

・Globalization and justice / Kai Nielsen

・Illusion of the peoples
  : a critique of national self-determination / Omar Dahbour

・Post-war women's writing in German : feminist critical approaches
                   / edited by Chris Weedon

・Small transformations : the politics of welfare reform - east and
west / János Mátyás Kovács (ed.) ; contributions by Helmut K. Anheier
... [et al.]

・Peer review : a critical inquiry / David Shatz

・Unionization in the academy
   : visions and realities / Judith Wagner DeCew

・Personal relationships : love, identity, and morality
                / Hugh LaFollette

・Identity politics reconsidered
    / edited by Linda Martín Alcoff ... [et al.]

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