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Program Ars Vivendi in 2009

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This page only includes events that are hosted (or co-hosted) by Global COE Program Ars Vivendi.


◆October 22, 2009 Special Public Opening Symposium "After Metahistory: Lecture on Postmodernism by Professor Hayden WHITE"
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆September 26 & 27, 2009 The 6th Annual Convention of Japan Society of Disability Studies
Suzaku Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆September 6, 2009 Symposium on Life & Death / Death & Life
Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo

◆August 1 & 2, 2009 "NEC IT Communication Support Course for People with Severe Disabilities - Communication for Life"
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆July 14, 2009 Points on Direct Payments
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆June 28, 2009 International Exchange Programme "Caring for the People in Clitical Situation by Profession;What does it Mean?"
Institute of Palliative Care, Nagaoka

◆June 6, 2009 "Students with Visual Disability Live and Study in Sudan and Japan" (Japanese), Kyoto Prefectural International Center

◆May 10, 2009 International Symposium "Future of Support by People with Disabilities: Possibilities of Collaboration between Japan, Taiwan and South Korea", Ritsumeikan University

◆April 14, 2009 - May 22, 2009 Acceptance of Training of Ms. Ying-Ju CHEN

◆March 22 & 23, 2009 5th Annual International Conference Multiculturalism and Social Justice
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆February 28 & March 1, 2009 International Research Forum "Anthropology of Lifedesign and Well-being"
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆February 21, 2009 International Symposium Called "Research on Home Care of Patients with ALS in East Asia"
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆January 25, 2009 The 5th Study Group on Ethics over Birth
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆January 25, 2009 Symposium "Narciss Trans Declaration"
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆January 24, 2009 Workshop on the Mechanization of Empathy in Health Care
Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University

◆January 20, 2009 Public Symposium "Reading Ueno Chizuko & Nakanishi Shoji (eds.) Toward a Needs-centered Welfare Society: Welfare Strategies in the Next Century with Involved Persons' Sovereignty (Igaku Shoin, 2008)"
The University of Tokyo Yayoi Auditorium Ichijyo Hall
Co-host: Global COE Program "Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization" (Cooperation Base: Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)/Global COE Program Ars Vivendi (Ritsumeikan University)/Gender Colloquium at the University of Tokyo

◆January 10, 2009 International Symposium "Reexamination of Human Rights for Health: Looking for Japanese Challenges Viewed from Recent International Discussions"
Conference Room, Soshikan, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University
Host: Institute of Human Sciences at Ritsumeikan University, Global COE Program Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University, Research Center Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University

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