Seventh "Africa in Front of Us" Seminar
"Interest Directed toward Mozambique: Expectations as a Supply Center of Foods and Energies to Japan?"

April 7, 2014 (Mon.)17:30-
Place: 3rd Meeting Room, Suekawa Memorial Lecture Hall, Kinugasa Campus, Ritsumeikan University
Flier in Japanese

■Event Overview
Mozambique is the country where the world's leading natural gas fields and coal mines are found and production of soybean toward the international market is growing rapidly. Last summer researchers and NGO staffs conducted a field survey at ProSAVANA in Mozambique and made its Japanese-version survey report public on the website of the Research Center for Ars Vivendi in the middle ofJanuary 2014. The website received more than 16,000 hits for about two months. In Mozambique where it has been considered as the subject of area studies and international cooperation the number of people who actively seek resource development and agriculture development is growing. What is happening and what is going to happen? Is it possible for us to have friendly relationship with people in Mozambique? We invite the staff in charge of South Africa of the Japan International Volunteer Center who participated in the survey and listen to her presentation and then have discussion.

■Program (Language: Japanese)
 17:30- Presentation WATANABE Naoko(Japan International Volunteer Center)

■Access Map
Campus Map:http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/eng/common/img/data/kinu_map.pdf
Access Map:http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/eng/common/img/data/access-map-kinugasa.pdf

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