Second "Africa in Front of Us" Seminar
"Connection with Illnesses: AIDS, Human Rights and Social Movements"

Date & Time: June 14, 2013 (Fri.) 17:00-
Place: Meeting (2nd Floor), Academeia Ritsumei 21, Ritsumeikan University
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■Event Overview
The theme of the second seminar is "HIV/AIDS". This illness was not known to public until 1980s. As soon as its cure methodology was established in 1996, cure against it has been progressed all over the world. As a result of cure methodology by ARV, HIV/AIDS has become from incurable illness to chronic illness. However, there had been a bumpy road ahead until people in developing countries, who were the majority of infected patients, got the remedy. At first, HIV cure was thought to fail due to the fact that the quality of medical care in Africa and education of people there was low. However, recently, there have been a series of reports that not only the health of HIV-positive people living in Africa has been improved dramatically, but the number of new infection has been decreasing.

It was HIV-positive people's voices that made it possible to have this situation. HIV-positive people won back hope from despair. How have movements and connections over them changed the situation of people lviing with illnesses? In this seminar, we would like to seek the connections with illnesses based on HIV/AIDS, human rights and social movements while also viewing the global trend, Africa and the situation in Japan.

■Program (Language:Japanese)
 17:00-18:20 Conversation
  NISHI Makoto (Program-specific Associate Professor, Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University)
  SAITO Ryoichiro (Executive Director of Africa Japan Forum)
  NIIYAMA Tomoki (Post Doctoral Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

NISHI Makoto "Social Connections Cure Infectious Diseases: Experiences of HIV Infectious Disease in Ethiopia and the TB Problem in Kamagasaki"

SAITO Ryoichiro "Who Responded to HIV-positive People's Movements in Africa? Issues in Japan"

NIIYAMA Tomoki "Role of HIV-positive People's Movements in Africa"

18:30- Discussion

Host: NIIYAMA Tomoki

  SAITO Ryoichiro:http://www.arsvi.com/w/sr01e.htm
  NISHI Makoto::http://www.jafore.org/9/ (Japanese)
  NIIYAMA Tomoki:http://www.arsvi.com/w/nt08e.htm

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