First "Africa in Front of Us" Seminar
"Another Disposable Culture: Where Secondhand Clothing Goes"
"Why Do Japanese Young People Go to Africa?"

Date & Time: May 17, 2013 (Fri.) 17:00-
Place: Meeting (2nd Floor), Academeia Ritsumei 21, Ritsumeikan University

Secondhand Clothing Market in Tanzania

■Event Overview
We would like to start our seminar on Africa by conversation between two persons who know Africa well. This time we invite Prof. OGAWA Sayaka, an anthropologist, and Prof. SAITO Ryoichiro, an executive director of Africa Japan Forum. Through their conversation, we will see one aspect of present Africa that consists of what have arrived Africa from our daily life, young people and secondhand clothing. Clothing which are heavily consumed/disposed in advanced countries are exported to African countries under the banner of "recycle" or "social contribution/support". Secondhand clothing has become widespread as vital commodities which meet the necessity and demand of people for clothing, taking a drastic toll on local clothing industries. "Another disposable culture" secondhand clothing has highlighted our "disposable culture". In such a time, Japanese young people go to Africa via different routes. We would like to seek the relationship of the reality secondhand clothing and young people produce in different ways in Africa.

■Program (Language:Japanese)
 17:00-18:20 Conversation
  OGAWA Sasyaka (Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences) × SAITO Ryoichiro(Executive Director of Africa Japan Forum)

 18:20- Discussion
 Host:NISHI Masahiko(Professor at the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences)

  SAITO Ryoichiro:http://www.arsvi.com/w/sr01e.htm
  OGAWA Sayaka:http://machingirl.tumblr.com/ (Japanese)
  NISHI Masahiko:http://www.arsvi.com/w/nm07e.htm
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