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The International Program of the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi

Japanese Page

‘Participants (Tentative)

@ž TATEIWA Shin'ya
@ž CHONG Hee Kyong
@ž AHN Hyo Suk
@ž AOKI Chihoko
@ž GONDO Mayumi
@ž HORI Tomohisa
@ž HOTTA Yoshitaro
@ž KWAK Jeongran
@ž LIM DeokYoung
@ž MORISHITA Naoki
@ž ONO Mayuko
@ž TAKAHASHI Shinichi
@ž WATANABE Katsunori
@ž YAMAMOTO Shinsuke
@ž YOSHIDA Sachie


@The International Program of the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi
@@iPlaceFSeoul Campus of Kyonggi Universityj
E TATEIWA Shin'ya@"Greeting"

‘Poster Presentation

@ŸAHN Hyo Suk@"System concerning Communication Tools of Patients with ALS and its Situation"
@ŸARIMATSU Ryo@Yume Kaze Fund: The Background of its Establishment and its Ideal"
@ŸGONDO Mayumi, ARIMATSU Ryo@& AOKI Chihoko@"The Process of Activity of Support Centers for Disabled People in Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate Prefecture"
@ŸHASEGAWA Yui@"Necessary System for Patients with ALS who Live Alone in Local Life"
@ŸHORI Tomohisa@"History of Social Movements by Disabled People and Their Parents in Japan: During the Period of High Economic Growth / After the International Year of Disabled Persons"
@ŸHOTTA Yoshitaro@"Technical Support for Information Communication of People with Quadriplegic: History, Current Situation and Challenges"
@ŸKWAK Jeongran@"Social Movements and Polisies over the System Legalizing School for the Disabled: Comparison between Japan and South Korea"
@ŸLIM DeokYoung@"The Current Situation and Suggestion Points of Housing Policy of Disabled People in Japan"
@ŸMORISHITA Naoki@"Structure of Social Pressure to the Pollution Victims in the History of Minamata Disease"
@ŸONO Mayuko@"Internal Experiences and Supportive Viewpoints of Patients with CRPS through Time"
@ŸTAKAHASHI Shinichi@"Is Gender Idendity Disorder "Disability"?: Questions between Medical Care and Social Issues"
@ŸWATANABE Katsunori & GOTO Yuri@"Movements by Disabled People in Chubu Area: Focusing on Yutaka Welfare Association, Wappa no Kai and AJU from 1960s through 1980s"
@ŸYAMAMOTO Shinsuke@"Living Space of Patients with ALS who Live Alone in Japan"
@ŸYOSHIDA Sachie@"The Actual Situation of Korean Policy against Hansen's Disease: Shorokuto from under Japan's Governance to its Liberty"

@ ‘Oral Presentation

@ŸTATEIWA Shin'ya@"Disaster Continues: What Can we Do as Logistic Support?"
@ŸGONDO Mayumi & AOKI Chihoko@"Activities of Support Center for Disabled People in Fukushima"
@ŸARIMATSU Ryo@"Yume Kaze Fund: Activites in the Great East Japan Earthquake"
@ŸWATANABE Katsunori@"Movements by the Involved People with Speech Disabilities: History and Present 'Genyukai'"


@ŸTATEIWA Shin'ya@"Disabled People and Labor: Although this Is Surely a Burdensome Issue,..."
@@Host:Korean Council of Center for Independent Living, National Solidarity for Abolishment of Discrimination against Disabled People
@@iSeoul, Koreaj

@ŸTATEIWA Shin'ya@"Since they Are Family (, they Are Women)? Plus Movements by Female Disabled People (Abstract)"
@@HostFWomen with Disabilities Empathy
@@iSeoul, Koreaj

UPFJuly 1, 2011@@REV:July 4, 2011/July 5, 2011
Translation by KATAOKA Minoru
Events Hosted (or Co-hosted) by Global COE Program Ars Vivendi in 2011