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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.180 (06 January 2021)

last update: 20210116

■Our recent Research Highlights from 2020, a unique year

Dear All,

We are sure that 2020 remains as a unique year in history due to COVID-19 pandemic. That is exactly why we at the Institute of Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, wish you a happy new year, which for many of us in East Asia, a year of the cow.

Just like most of you, in 2020, we had to shift our activities to on-line, focusing on the pandemic and its implications for persons with disabilities, for instance. Our first webinar started in May, during the first national state of emergency, followed by another on accessibility during the pandemic and East Asia Disability Studies Forum 2021, both in July. When we look back, 2020 has given us the challenge of testing our ars vivendi (skills/art for living).

Below you find our Research Highlights from latter part of 2020,
“Toward Improving the Awareness of Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities through Leisure Activities: A Case Study of Self-Advocacy Movement in Taiwan” by Eunice Ya-Yu KAO
“Practices of Support for Disabled students in Higher Education: What Online Classes Provide” by Masayuki Yasuda
“Reading 1920s Berlin – Dovid Bergelson’s “Blindness” “by Moriyasu Tanaka
“Are Animals Parts of Society? : Use of Livestock for Funeral Practices at Sumba” by Keiichiro Sako
“Self-Advocacy of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Taiwan: Collaboration with Japan and Challenges over Easy-Read Information” by Eunice Ya-Yu KAO

Do stay safe and well.

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